When Superheroes Get Real

Dennis Sanders notes that for a short time, there was an animated series based on comic book characters that was as intense and real as any live action drama. It was acclaimed by critics and fans alike. So of course, DC Comics had to kill it.


Free Speech is a Double Edged Sword

Leon Klinghoffer was murdered by the Palestinian Liberation Organization in 1985. He was an elderly retired Jewish man and confined to a wheelchair and on a cruise. The cruise was hijacked by the PLO and Klinghoffer was shot in the head and then thrown into the sea. In 1991, the event was turned into an…


Announcing the Ordinary Times Food Symposium

Without food, a table is but a place of convenient storage, a suspended plane where we temporarily discard books, car keys and the daily mail. But set food on that same table, and it magically becomes a place where we raise families, solve the World’s Problems over wine, celebrate, mourn, break hearts and fall in love.


A Bad Bargain

Adam Ozimek thinks that it would be a good idea for Republicans to bargain a higher minimum wage for cutting the corporate tax, on the basis that raising the minimum wage would be so problematic that it would get repealed. Will Truman disagrees.