The Power of Christ Compels You…To Go Buy a Black Hi-Lighter T-Shirt!


“BHL – We’re Louder Than You” black logo hand-screened by Erica @Dirtbag Couture, on athletic grey American Apparel 50/50 shirts, so they’re soft and comfortable and high quality. We have girl cut sizes and regular cut sizes! Free download w/every t-shirt order!

Includes immediate download of CHINESE GONG in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

I got two. Here’s the song that comes with it:

James Poulos (that’s him singing lead) is a producer at Huff Po Online. His show had an interview with Big Boi a couple of weeks ago. Big Boi said he would counsel his children against going into the music business. “There’s no money in music. It’s all in the t-shirts now. Everyone one knows that. All the labels are looking for 360 deals.”

A “360 Deal” means that the label wants a piece of everything the band does: concerts, merchandise, commercial licensing, everything. They want this because their is no money in selling records anymore. Whatever money there is is in the t-shirts.

Black Hi-Lighter does not have a label. Like Comstock Films, Black Hi-Lighter is a full-tilt boogie, total commitment independent enterprise. The boys in the band paid for the studio time to record their record, they paid to have it mixed, and going to pay to put out the album. The risk is all theirs, but so’s the reward. No “360 Deal” taking piece out of their merch sales, or a cut of the gate at their concerts.

So buy a Black Hi-Lighter t-shirt; your proof that you were “into BHL before BHL was cool”. Do it to support balls-out risk taking; do it to support independent enterprise. But mostly do it because t-shirts is what pays for rock-n-roll music these days, and Black Hi-Lighter rocks!

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3 thoughts on “The Power of Christ Compels You…To Go Buy a Black Hi-Lighter T-Shirt!

    • I am, like, supporting a friend who is making music I think is worthy of enthusiastic support; an opinion, I might add, which is confirmed by people with professional track records of picking winners, and upon whom I have relied as a sounding board for my own, largely successful creative endeavors.

      Apparently, and judging by the deafening silence of the people with whom Mr. Poulos has collegial professional relationships, offering such enthusiastic (and utterly risk-free) support take more courage than I would have reckoned. This is a blind spot in my judgment; agian and again, I misunderestimate the fear that rules the lives of even those who appear to have the world on a string.


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