Comment Subscriptions Reloaded Rejected and Replaced

Just a quick note on comment subscriptions for those of you who have contacted me about problems or who may have noticed changes in the comment forms: After working with some patient users on problems with Subscribe to Comments Reloaded, but not being able to achieve acceptable results, I’ve decided to pull the plug on the plug-in, and am switching the site over to the very widely used, but neither feature-rich nor easily customizable, Jetpack Comment Subscription package.

Current subscriptions should continue to work during the transition: You shouldn’t need to re-subscribe to any ongoing conversation, and I won’t fully remove S2CR until the affected comment threads are closed. Anyone who wants to unsubscribe to a currently open thread, and who is encountering one of S2CR’s bugs, can send me an email using the Support Contact Form – easy to find via the site’s main menu under “Contact.” Using the comment thread for any site development post I’ve authored – like this one, say – also ought to work.


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2 thoughts on “Comment Subscriptions Reloaded Rejected and Replaced

  1. So we can subscribe or not when we leave our first comment, but I am still unclear on how we Unsubscribe later. Often I subscribe with my first comment and then when I lose interest in the conversation I use Manage Subscriptions to opt out. Is that no longer viable?


  2. Cancellation of new comment subscriptions will take place via the Jetpack set-up, which is hosted at There will be a link in every comment-subscription email, and the Jetpack subscription management page has other features: It will, for example, show and allow you to manage other subscriptions to sites, both comment subscriptions and new posts subscriptions.

    Though I think at some point in the future this site ought to have its own comment and post subscription facility, featuring more options than WordPress/Jetpack offers, for now it’s a serviceable solution. If I can hack it a bit – by adding a “subscribe with commenting” feature, especially – then that might make it more worth keeping in place while back-burnering the idea of more advanced subscriptions capabilities (like subscribing only to certain categories of posts or only to particular authors). I’m not sure how important or useful OT OGs, either users or powers-that-be would find the latter.


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