Last week I was walking on the sunny side of the street because of a major victory that involved finally resolving a troublesome problem.

Today, I go in to check on something completely unrelated and, while waiting for the things I need to get themselves sorted, I decide to check on my handiwork and feel good about my accomplishment… and, wouldn’t you know it, it had reverted. I called up the team that reverted it and said “this problem came back”. The guy answered something to the effect of “well, it shouldn’t have.”

And I was silent for a second, thinking “I didn’t call you to discuss metaphysics.”

Anyway, we resolved the problem a second time and the guy explained that, this time, he’s going to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. So, I reckon, I’ll be dealing with it again on Tuesday or something.

Seriously, that sort of thing just drives me nuts. I am of half a mind to write a strongly worded letter.

In any case, we’re edging ever so much more closely to going back to Doha and seeing if October is significantly cooler than June. The 10 day indicates that we’re going to hit 100 while there. Ah, well. At least it’s going to be in the 80’s at night. I will look forward to the sheer joy of coming home to highs in the 60’s and maybe, just maybe, feeling cold enough to bust out the hoodies for another season.

Fingers are crossed.

Other than that, I’m hoping for a nice little weekend where I can get everything done by somewhere between noon and 2PM on Saturday and then coast until Sunday night. Get in a few dates, get in a few shows, and maybe take a nap. Because Doha will be hectic.

So… what’s on your docket?

(Photo is “Footrace finish line, 1925” from the Seattle Municipal Archives, used under a creative commons license)

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29 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. I am going to a wedding today, my own. It will be a simple courthouse wedding. After that, we head off on our honeymoon weekend.


      • Yes, I had heard horrible things and stayed away, but now with the patches it’s running like a clockwork dream. If you played Dungeon Keeper 2 and loved it (I so so did) it’s a touch jarring because they don’t own the intellectual property (May EA burn in hell forever) so everything is the same but tapped gently about an inch to the left: You’re the Underlord not the Keeper, you get cultists instead of warlocks, etc… but it is the same, just updated and filled with everything the fans loved. There’re no videos of course, a pity but unnecessary, and it’s deep.

        If you liked DK2 then you owe it to yourself to buy it. Richard Ridings exquisite growling narration is worth the ticket price alone.


  2. I picked up an Xbone a few weeks and have been putting a lot of time into Dragon Age: Inquisition, and getting to play all the DLC content this time around (plus finally getting the Keep to work!) has been pretty delightful. I beat Corypheus earlier today, so now I’m just waiting for the last war table op to finish before I go check out the content of the final DLC, Trespasser (which is apparently an epilogue of some kind? If you’ve already played it, please, no spoilers).


    • I was wondering if I should bother going back… the husband bought the DLC but doesn’t want to play it, he wants me to play it so he can just watch from the background (lazy git) but I don’t know if it’s worth going back into DA to do.


    • Wow…I just finished Trespasser after an all-day play session. The plot involves a rogue Qunari group planning to simultaneously assassinate all the leaders of Thedas, and if you didn’t save Bull’s Chargers during Iron Bull’s story mission (or didn’t do it at all)…Bull betrays you. Iron Bull was my favorite character and was my go-to in pretty much every outing, so I was devastated when this happened. My jaw literally dropped. Honestly, I’m still kinda in shock. It’s rare for video games to evoke a feeling like that…I’m really, really impressed.


  3. Cleaning out books — mostly from storage (Texas summers have not been kind to them as it is) to go to Half Price books. I need to reclaim shelf space, but I thought I’d start with the boxes in the garage.

    Might finally finish Dragon Age 2. :)


  4. “And I was silent for a second, thinking “I didn’t call you to discuss metaphysics.””


    I beat FTL last night on Easy with the Mantis cruiser…but I kind of cheated to do it. See, I love the teleportation rig that comes with the Mantis cruiser, and I had two very different weapon layouts and I wanted to try them both in the final fight. I made copies of my save files and simply reloaded when I failed to beat the Rebel Flagship the first time (beat it handily the second time with the different weapon layout). As penance, I have committed to beating it again with the Mantis cruiser on Normal.


  5. I’m sitting at home playing with Newest Cat* and recuperating from my week (not to mention getting up early AGAIN today, this time for a doctor’s appointment). Working 2-10 pm. hoping to do very little this weekend since the next two will be intense. (Jaybird’s going to Doha! BOO. My sister’s coming to visit! YAY.)


    * Newest Cat apparently missed the memo about how 12 year old cats behave. We were just playing the hand-under-the-blanket game** for like 10 minutes. Then she was playing the imaginary-hand-under-the-blanket game for a few minutes. Then she raced back and forth and all over the basement. Now she is back playing the imaginary-hand-under-the-blanket game. Now she is running around. Now she is meowing at me for typing instead of playing. :D

    ** Newest Cat’s version of hand-under-the-blanket differs from the standard in that it involves far more digging, pulling up and tossing aside of blanket layers, and 3 foot leaps onto the hand from a sneaky pouncing position elsewhere…


  6. It has been hot in the Bay Area and my friends in NY are talking about fall clothes. I am jealous of them. I would live in 7 months of October if I could.


  7. I’ve got girl’s night Saturday for an end of summer BBQ! I’ve been crazy busy, so even though I’m working ten hour shifts all weekend, I think I’ll spend the rest of my time alone. I will heal myself mentally while I pack for the big move in a few weeks. Can I wake up tomorrow and have it all done for me? :)


  8. Most of the TV that I watch, I watch in a little window on my Mac while doing other things in parallel. Last weekend my video tuner/frame grabber died — well, maybe it was more like manslaughter, since I was moving some things and set a table down on it. Direct replacements for it are pricey, so I ordered a refurbished Slingbox 350 to try. That arrived yesterday and there are experiments going on. The Mac player is a bit of disappointment for this day and age; OTOH, I can connect to the box from my Android tablet and carry that around the house in my back pocket.

    I don’t think this is the final answer, but I’m not sure what kind of device to try next.


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