Inside Baseball

The internet is all a-twitter1 with the notion, somewhere between a rumor and a trial balloon, that the president will appoint Pablo Sandoval to the Supreme Court. This would certainly be popular in Boston, since it would get the Red Sox out from under his bloated2 contract, but the question is whether Obama should be panda-ing to them.Notes:

  1. not that Twitter []
  2. no pun intended []
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9 thoughts on “Inside Baseball

  1. I saw that, and per my day-of post this is the sort of pick that I was talking about. Personally I’d be against, but I’d have to admire the smart politics behind the choice. Lock in the shift from Scalia on many if not all points – that’s just a smart move for your team.

    Sure, he’s probably overpriced for what he delivers in .ops … but considering the alternatives you can hope for some upside in the future.


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