5 thoughts on “The Deacon’s Masterpiece

  1. It never occurred to me before, but this, written in 1858, has a very similar idea to Poe’s The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, from 1845. In that story, a dying man is hypnotized, and kept in that state until death, and then long afterward. When his body is finally released from the hypnotic state, it instantly undergoes months of decay, and turns into a stinking, rotten puddle.


    • I’ve never connected those but, yeah. “Artificially prolonging the time before when things fall apart will result in catastrophic failure.”

      One of the funniest (but true) things I’ve read on this was that Henry Ford sent a team to junkyards across the country to find the parts that never, ever broke. He figured that he could spend a little less effort on making those parts as good as he was making them.


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