Globe & Mail: Is Canada ready for Donald Trump’s refugee crisis?

For the moment, Canada is right to continue to live up to the Safe Third Country Agreement. In the end, it may not even matter. The real question is, Are we prepared for a refugee crisis?

In Quebec alone, the number of asylum claims rose from 42 in January, 2015, to 452 last month. As the U.S. ramps up Mr. Trump’s deportation orders this year, those numbers could jump again.

What has Ottawa got in place to deal with a flood of humanity probing the world’s longest unprotected border? Do we have the manpower and resources to handle it?

It would be good to know that Canada has a plan. So far, Ottawa has only given us platitudes about our compassionate and welcoming ways. It’s not enough.

From: Globe editorial: Is Canada ready for Donald Trump’s refugee crisis?

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5 thoughts on “Globe & Mail: Is Canada ready for Donald Trump’s refugee crisis?

  1. We let in about 960 Syrian refugees to Hamilton. Some of my workmates worried about the social ills that were sure to follow. I live in roughly the area that most of them settled and a year later, I still haven’t had any problem with them, but multiple encounters with the white druggies who hang out a block east.


  2. You see, all you have to do is sign a poorly written EO and gets shot down by a court on the west coast, and people start bailing out of the country. And people thought getting rid of 11 million illegals was impossible. (yes, I know the difference between asylees and illegals)


  3. I would bet a loonie that there are at least 2 orders of magnitude more snowbirds from Florida that flood into Canada every summer than refugees from MENA.


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