Morning Ed: Europe {2017.03.14.T}

Ed West isn’t sure how pro-union brexiters are going to thread the needle. Chris Deerin says Scotland should bide its time, and Alex Massie is concerned about how much they were going to rely on oil.

Why hasn’t Ireland seen a rightwing backlash movement? Because its populists are on the left? Because (like Scotland) it’s so overwhelmingly white? Because, as the title suggest, Ireland’s always been [excrement]?

Matt Bruenig and Lyman Stone debate whether the small population of Nordica hindered or helped them on their road to being a utopia.

I don’t know, I think this could be defensible, depending on the law.

Matthew Lynn believes that Britain should consider a tax holiday. A year-long tax holiday.

The lasting effects of Nazi propaganda.

Oooh, oooh, will they have a bone in their nose I hope they have a bone in their nose! (From 2014)

Stick a wizard in here and you have a superhero origin.

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9 thoughts on “Morning Ed: Europe {2017.03.14.T}

  1. I’ve lived here for more than a year and this is just an excuse to get the university to pay them to watch a football match. Good for them if they can get it.


  2. Obligatory Irish joke: A man is walking down the street during Belfast during the Troubles. He gets accosted by another man who asks him if he is Catholic or Protestant. The accosted man says he is Jewish only to hear “I must be the luckiest Muslim in all Belfast.”


  3. The NAZI propaganda article is probably mistitled: the study apparently found that propaganda in the form of media and theatre lacked persistence, it was children’s education and youth groups. I don’t believe Goebbels, whose picture heads the article, had any direct role. What I think this is suggesting is the importance of childhood peers in forming value systems, and not top-down information from news or film.

    Don’t see that the study is published/available, but would be interesting if they compared elder German attitudes with those of elder French or Polish attitudes. Germany was not particularly anti-Semetic by continental standards when the NAZIs took power.


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