The weird thing about my 19th Anniversary is how it doesn’t feel like 19 years. 4, maybe 5.

I know in my head that, no, we lived in the My First Apartment on Knob Hill amongst the Drug Dealers for a couple of years, then moved across the street from Fraternity Row for four (or five?) years, then bought a house… yeah. More than 10 years ago. When she and I got married, I had recently changed jobs from data entry to account specialist to monitoring specialist (I made sure that none of the servers had red lights on them) and she stood with me over the next 8 (or is it 9?) jobs that I had until I got the one that I have now. I was next to her as she went from shelving at the book store to managing it to working at the library and getting her Master’s of Library Science. I know that, even since then, she’s been taking care of the kitties over my four trips to Annapolis and five trips to Doha.

I know that it has to have been 19 years because that’s a lot of stuff to do.

But it feels like 4. Maybe 5.

When we got married, it was right after Pleasantville was released in theaters and right before The Waterboy was.

“One Week” by the Barenaked Ladies was just coming down from the #1 spot. Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” was making us all glurge. Monica’s “The First Night” was apparently the #1 single in the country but I don’t remember it at all.

Stone Cold Steve Austin had begin his reign as champion in the WWF and we got married during the period where the title was vacated after Undertaker and Kane both pinned him at the same time… and this was right before The Rock and Mankind feuded for it.

If video games is more your thing, we got married right after Metal Gear Solid (the first one) came out and right before Grim Fandango did. We got married about a month before Half-Life was released. Pokémon Red and Blue had both been out about a month. The PlayStation 1 was the game system of the moment. (Though we were still playing on a Super Nintendo in our dinky $330/month apartment on our 13-inch CRT with a built-in VCR.)

I know, in my head, that these things all happened 19 years ago. Feels like 4. Maybe 5.

Happy Anniversary, Maribou. Here’s to 19 more.

As such! This weekend will be spent doing stuff. I’ve got a bunch of stores to hit, a bunch of groceries to buy, and a bunch of chores to do around the house. But also fiddle around with my PS4 on an LCD television that has a diagonal about 4 times of that little marriage television.

Oh, and we’re gaming on Saturday Night. We’re going to be playing a Fifth Edition Module. We’ve been playing with this group for… golly. 10 years now? 12? Feels like only a few.

So… what’s on your docket?

(Image is “Play” by Clare Briggs. Used with permission of the Briggs estate.)

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8 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. Congrats.

    First I was going to a new art exhibit on Sun with a friend, then that changed to dinner fri night and a new restaurant, then that changed to the greek festival…then got cancelled.

    Guess I’ll do jujitsu and see the girlfriend sat and then sleep all day sunday :)

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  2. Happy anniversary, sweetie.

    I had breakfast with a friend this morning, working until 10 pm, then chores and gaming and chores and chores and chores.

    Some people have spring cleaning urges, which I don’t. I do however have a “it’s getting cold, am i ready for winter?” urge, which round these sunny, mild parts, seems to translate into cleaning all the things. (Well, and buying a nice flannel nightgown. And making sure we have enough tea. And figuring out which clothes don’t suit and either storing them till the appropriate season, sending them to the ARC, mending them, or throwing them out if they’re too beat up for any of those things.) Back in PEI, it was about stuff like lining the windows with plastic sheeting and mulching the garden and wrapping the trees and rosebushes and stocking up on all the various kinds of fuel one might need if snowed in (from gas for the generator to hay for the horse) …. I’m living the high life now :D.

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  3. Happy anniversary! That is quite an accomplishment.

    I’m going on a road trip to visit surrobaby this weekend! He is officially 12 weeks old today. I’m trying to think of a gift to bring him, other than 800 ounces of breast milk.

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  4. Happy anniversary! Enjoy your weekend.
    We’re still recovering from this god-awful crud we’ve had. And I’ll do some grading. Not fun, but catching up and looking forward to the end of the semester is good.

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  5. Congratulations! Time does fly…

    The others are going to visit fledermaus’s family, as they can’t readily travel to us to meet the baby.

    There’s a halloween ravey thing on Saturday I’ll probably go to. I guess that means I need a costume.
    On Sunday there’s a showing of Murnau’s Faust with live original soundtrack (by a band originally from my hometown – it’s been about a decade since I last saw them play).

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