In a weird confluence of events, there have been two really, really, really creepy games that came out this year: Prison Architect and Papers, Please. (Both available on Steam.)

Confused about a Legal Nuance

Eric Holder put out a memo today in which he announced that he would no longer go for the mandatory minimums when it comes to non-violent, non-gang-related low-level drug offenses. My two questions: has he always had this much discretion? Aren’t mandatory minimums a violation of separation of powers in the first place?


Well, last chance to get harrowed. Come Wednesday, we’re going to begin our reading of The Kindly Ones. Mike Schilling will be doing the honors. (If you didn’t know, we’ve been reading Sandman. It’s *REALLY* good.) It has also come up that some wish to have a place where they can yell “DIBS!” I suppose…