Monday Trivia #131

Wyoming, New Mexico, California, Alaska, Arkansas, North Carolina, Illinois, Hawaii, Nevada, New York, Georgia, Idaho, Texas, Florida, Nebraska, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Washington, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Kentucky, Utah, Mississippi, Connecticut, North Dakota, West Virginia, Missouri, Kansas, Massachusetts, Arizona, Maryland, New Jersey, Montana, Maine, Alabama, Indiana, South Dakota, South Carolina, Oregon, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Virginia, Rhode Island, Michigan, Pennsylvania,…


White Collar Machismo

“We can’t get mothers to work more hours. We’ve tried, and failed, for forty years. Mothers won’t bite for a simple reason: if they work 55 hours a week, they will leave home at, say, 8:30 and return at 8:30 every day of the workweek, assuming an average commute time. Most moms have this one little hang-up: they want to see their children awake. Increasingly, many fathers do, too.”

Our Health Care “System”

In the past, I’ve gotten what I can only call “Fake Insurance.” Which is insurance with high deductible, minimal payouts, and the ability to cease coverage if I were to actually have cause to use the insurance I was “purchasing.” Basically, the only reason to have the insurance is to avoid a Lapse in Coverage. So, considering that I had motivation to keep coverage, and not have them cease coverage, I basically acted like I was uninsured.

Linky Friday #38

Science: [S1] We’re apparently making monkeys dumber. [S2] Our kidney shortage hits the unemployed hardest. Writing: [W1] I am quite pleased to see my friend Abel participating in the petition by LDS authors to get a uncancel a book by a gay author on account to his acknowledging his partner. [W2] Eleven words that can’t…

Sex-ed, Lies, & Protection

My sex-ed in school was… not entirely honest. And not necessarily because of the right-wingers wanting to scare me out of having sex. They lied to get us to use condoms. They said flat out that there is no difference in sensation if you’re wearing a condom and if you’re not. They said to guys…

Linky Friday #36

Residence: [R1] Recent research suggests that housing vouchers do not disperse crime, as previously thought. One thing I find interesting is that the article mentions that these vouchers are putting a lot of recipients in the suburbs. This piece is in Atlantic Cities, which loves to gloat about increasing poverty in the suburbs. If they…

Collegiate Return on Investment has the scoop. There aren’t any surprises, for those who pay attention to such things. It’s worth noting that the difference here actually has less to do with ROI and more to do with whether you attended public school or private. The “worst” degree, which is communications, still pays for itself 58% of the…

A Freedom Lost

Link It’s a great speech, though somewhat undermined by the fact that you’re dead for part of the first second after impact. I do like this commercial for seatbelts: Link I remember my father describing to me a commercial about life jackets. It involved a couple of kids sitting on a boatzoomed-in like, holding each…

The Benefits of Air Steerage

James Atlas complains about inequality in the skies: The choice of “snacks” on some recent flights I’ve taken include blue potato chips, a cranberry-almond bar, a packet of trail mix and — a selection I haven’t been offered before — popcorn. But it makes sense: the cabin already feels like a movie theater at the…

Pensacola Blues

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Department has had a bad couple of weeks. Not as bad as their marks, though. A couple weeks ago, deputies shot a man getting some cigarettes out of his car. Then a couple days ago they shot two dogs. After entering someone’s house without a warrant.

Dressing Your Station

if you’re in your thirties or forties and you enjoy video games or superhero movies, well that’s what you enjoy. There is something tragic about being expected not to. Life is too short. But appearance? That strikes me as a place where it’s quite easy to conform.

Trumwill’s Trek: Tunnel Vision

We arrived last night (picture to come). Our house, it turns out, is kind of a dump. With what we’re paying for it, we’re not all that surprised. In addition to the affordability, the signs were there. The AC isn’t working very well. That’s a more pressing issue. Internet gets hooked up tomorrow. The movers…

Trumwill’s Trek: Sailing Through Seneca

Our time in Seneca was spent almost uniformly on the tollway. Which is very efficient, both because they make lots of money and we have little distraction. On the other hand, we also spent remarkably little time in the state outside the gated Interstate and do little in terms of local commerce. We should be…

Question For Chicago Peeps

It’s looking like we may be passing through Chicago with a little too much proximity to rush hour. Back home in Colosse, you can avoid the worst of it by taking a loop around the city. Is there any option in Chicago that would allow us to avoid the worst of the traffic by bypassing the city (or the city’s core)?

Trumwill’s Trek in Trumanverse

I meant to post about this at the outset, but time got away from me. So I have a plan for a series of posts where I am going to take a picture of every Trumanverse state I cross through. This includes Minnetaria, where I will never be more than a mile or two from the border. When it’s all done, I’ll add links to all the pictures and bump this post up, where it’ll be an index for all […]