We interrupt this acrimony to bring you MON TIKI’s first taste of Block Island Sound

It was unseasonably warm here in Montauk today. The ongoing gasoline issues and last week’s nor’easter had prevented my uncle from coming over from East Hampton for my older daughter’s birthday, so today we did a birthday cruise; my uncle’s first chance to see MON TIKI afloat and Maggie’s first chance to enjoy her new status as a person no longer required by New York State law to wear a lifejacket while underway. My uncle took the pictures.

The wheel’s not yet installed so I’m on the afterdeck tiller steering.


My long-suffering wife enjoying the vastly roomier deck of MON TIKI vs our old sloop INTEMPERANCE as we cross Montauk harbor


Passing Gosman’s. Boarded up for the Winter now, but next season hundreds of tourists will see MON TIKI sail by on every trip. Good advertising!


Amy, the birthday girl Maggie, and Emily. Gardener’s Island a faint grey smudge in on the horizon


MON TIKI in clear water between the Montauk harbor entrance and the sea-buoy. Next time I might just not come back!



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11 thoughts on “We interrupt this acrimony to bring you MON TIKI’s first taste of Block Island Sound

  1. I’m happy for you, David.
    Especially so for that last picture.
    I know you put a lot of work into making that happen.

    Each roll of the waves is a dream realized, carved from the fabric of dreams and bought by the claim of hard sweat.

    You have done well, brother.

    • I started building boats about 15 years ago; one day in particular I recall.

      I had launched my Bolger Teal “Lil’Winnie” through the (very small) surf at Ditch Plains and then fished up some nice fluke. There I was 400 yards off the beach, in a boat I had built myself, with a nice haul of tasty fish. Lovely!

      Yesterday felt a lot like that.

    • Thirteen, which brings up something interesting on the regulatory front.

      If you ride the Staten Island Ferry, you will notice that passengers under 13 years of age are not wearing PFDs. The reason is that the SIF is an USCG certificated vessel, and as such, falls within federal jurisdiction, under Section 46 of the CFRs

      The federal regulation, wearing of PDFs is not mandatory, but vessels must have a 39.5 inch rail around all passenger areas. That’s one of the things we’ve yet to add to MON TIKI. When we do and when we have our COI (Certificate of Inspection) we’ll fall under federal control as well, and passengers under 12 will not be required to wear a PFD.

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