Risk Management?


CBS is apparently hiring Stephen Colbert to replace David Letterman. One: I bet Stephen took this at least partially because he’s tired of playing a caricature every day. Two: Did the CBS Network Suit Guys not see the Correspondent’s Dinner?  Part of me hopes this ends in a brilliant disaster.  Like, a contract cancellation and…



My friend Stephanie just shared this photo on Facebook and Twitter (she’s one of the folks that contributes to this Twitter account) and I thought ya’ll might like it.

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Welcome back to the Babylon 5 Season Two Book Club! The first episode can be found here, Tod covered “Revelations” here, and then we hit The Geometry of Shadows back in early December before I fell off the Earth. Then we had “A Distant Star”, followed by “The Long Dark. Next episodes are “Soul Mates”…

Not a Podcast

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But (maybe!) sometime tomorrow morning (probably in the 7 o’clock hour), coworker Joe and I are going to get airtime for about four minutes talking about what it takes to create a WAN for the Los Angeles Unified School District. It’s a “for the masses” piece, and the source interview was about an hour and…