Ordinary Times

It’s been a long time coming. There’s been a lot of discussion behind the scenes. And now, it’s finally happening.

Soon, the sub-blogs at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen will be no more. Even The League of Ordinary Gentlemen itself is undergoing significant changes. For instance, we’re changing the name. It’s now Ordinary Times. Editor-in-Chief Erik Kain introduces the newly-revamped blog — which looks really more of a net magazine, in my opinion.

Not A Potted Plant will become a category of posts within Ordinary Times. You’ll be able to find posts from Vikram, Will, and I in the sub-category there. But our posts will mingle with what were formerly front-page League posts, sometimes to be promoted to “posts of note” with the nice rotating picture, sometimes just appearing in regular rotation. But it’ll all be there, on a single page.

Nothing is going to change in terms of content. There will still by Monday Trivia and Linky Friday. It’s adversaria: our sporadic comments about politics, culture, law, money, and whatever else strikes our fancy will not end for the foreseeable future. But the look, the functionality, and the integration with our fellow authors will be much better.

Some people want to just read stuff by one author. That is a grave mistake, in my opinion, since Ordinary Times has such an impressive cadre of impressive writers, so if you only read the one person you’re friends with, you’re really missing out on the wealth of ideas in circulation. But, if you insist, there is a link for the new version of Not A Potted Plant and particularized links for just Burt Likko, Will Truman, and Vikram Bath‘s articles.

Please enjoy our new Ordinary Times!

Life Is Short. Hug Your Loved Ones.

A week ago, all eyes were looking forward to our family gathering down on the Gulf Coast. Friday, I got an email from my father letting me know that he was having chest pains and he was going to see the doctor on Monday. Monday, the doctor looked at his EKG and set up an appointment for Tuesday with a cardiologist. Tuesday the doctor set up an appointment for a coronory angiography. That occurred today, where they discovered that a 95% blockage in one of his arteries. A coronary stent was inserted. Everything looks good so that he can see his granddaughter in a few days.

The Storybook Version of the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman Confrontation

If you want to convey something as being true when you actually don’t have any idea, don’t say “I am certain that…” Just say what you have to say as if it were truth.

That seems to be the lesson from this Zimmerman/Trayvon-Martin business. My understanding of the case is that there are no videotapes, eyewitnesses, or ear-witnesses (other than Zimmerman himself). That didn’t prevent a juror from saying this of Martin:

Oh, I believe he played a huge role in his death. He could have, he could have—when George confronted him, he could have walked away and gone home. He didn’t have to do whatever he did and come back and be in a fight.

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Question For Chicago Peeps

It’s looking like we may be passing through Chicago with a little too much proximity to rush hour. Back home in Colosse, you can avoid the worst of it by taking a loop around the city. Is there any option in Chicago that would allow us to avoid the worst of the traffic by bypassing the city (or the city’s core)?

Linda Holmes Discovers The Joy Of Bad Science Fiction Movies

One of NPR’s pop culture reviewers got the cinematic equivalent of nachos with extra cheese sauce the other day. It’s fun and tasty even though you know it’s not good for you. The reviewer seems like she has only just discovered the joy of Bad Cinema, but now she’s hooked. In particular she seems amazed that they got “Actual Actor John Heard” to pummel a foam rubber shark with a barstool.

The way that works, of course, is that the Actual Actor is hired to work for one day and the whole shooting schedule revolves around getting all those scenes done for the one day the Actual Actor is available. A logistical problem for the director, but hardly an insurmountable one, the Actual Actor gets the agreed fee, and the movie gets to boast an Actual Actor as a “star” even though the Actual Actor actually has less than ten minutes of screen time.

No one will be culturally uplifted by watching Sharknado but it sounds like it was utterly ridiculous and sublimely awesome. Another triumph for The Asylum! I’m going to have to DVR this one and watch it myself when my trial schedule eventually lightens up. (Which is why I haven’t been posting much recently. Stupid day job.)

And, of course, be on the lookout for Sharknado II: Revenge of Sharknado.

Trumwill’s Trek in Trumanverse

I meant to post about this at the outset, but time got away from me. So I have a plan for a series of posts where I am going to take a picture of every Trumanverse state I cross through. This includes Minnetaria, where I will never be more than a mile or two from the border. When it’s all done, I’ll add links to all the pictures and bump this post up, where it’ll be an index for all of the posts.

All such posts will be titled “Trumwill’s Trek” so that you know not to bother if it’s not something that interests you.