DJ Kazzy

(As the others have noted, hip hop music is littered with language and themes that are not appropriate for all.  Viewer discretion is advised.) I’m going to come at this from a slightly different angle than some of my fellow co-bloggers, who no doubt did a fantastic drop and opened my eyes to a number…

A Hip-Hop Playlist, Briefly

(The songs below contain bad language. If such things aren’t appropriate where you are right now, then listening to them at maximum volume is probably not a good idea.) I am 32 now, almost 33, so frankly, whatever little I’d once been willing to invest in the outward appearance of cool is now going toward…


Well, last chance to get harrowed. Come Wednesday, we’re going to begin our reading of The Kindly Ones. Mike Schilling will be doing the honors. (If you didn’t know, we’ve been reading Sandman. It’s *REALLY* good.) It has also come up that some wish to have a place where they can yell “DIBS!” I suppose…


Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already? Indeed it is. I moved out here my senior year of high school. (I’m not complaining, I’m just saying.) I made a handful of very close friends but, as I’m sure you can guess, they told me stories about the close friends I might have made had I moved…


They asked if we ripped them. We said that we did. Eumenides? There. That’s as good as I could do on short notice. Get your copy of The Kindly Ones. It all comes down to this, after all. Schilling says that he’ll take on the first little 8-page story as well as the bigger chapter…


I fully recognize that the MLB All-Star Game is primarily an exhibition, in spite of the Commissioner’s attempt to “make it count” instead of just doing what the NBA and NHL does and just assign home-field advantage in the championship round to the team with the better record*.  And I get that the MLB All-Star Game MVP matters even less. But awarding it to Mariano Rivera for the impressive task of throwing a single shut-out inning, a feat 5 other […]


Back in the 90′s, I watched The X-Files. Every Friday Night, I knew that The X-Files was going to be on, and the only question was whether it’d be a new show or a rerun. It’s how I pretty much kept track of the week. “Is X-Files on tonight? No… it’s on the day after tomorrow. It must be Wednesday.” Well, this week at work, they had The Test From Heck and so they needed people to man the lab […]


We’re back on track with our Eighth installment of the Babylon 5 Viewing Club! The introductory post was here, The Soul Hunter was covered here, and Born to the Purple was covered right here. After that was Infection. Then came The Parliament of Dreams. Following on its heels was Mind War.  Then, RTod covered War Prayer. Last week, Patrick recapped Sky Full of Stars! This week: Death Walker! (Dman does the honors.) You can watch it here. It’s very difficult […]


A guy I work with named Jeremy created this poster, which has gone viral in Giants circles. So if you solve a problem where no one else can help, and if you can find him, you just might be able to get A Buster Hug!


We discussed fields here. Today we’re going to continue by talking about a more specific kind of field. To recap, here are the basic field axioms: A1: Addition is commutative: for all x and y, x + y = y + x A2: Addition is associative: for all x and y, (x + y) + z = x + (y + z) A3: The field contains an additive identity: there exists a member 0 such that for all x, x […]


Well, I’ve been watching mostly Babylon 5 (which isn’t that interesting to talk about on a blog that’s watching Babylon 5 as a group) but also a couple of fan films from Fallout that are, seriously, *SURPRISINGLY* good. There’s Fallout: Nuka Break and, now the sequel, Fallout: Nuka Break – Red Star. If you’ve ever been in love with the Fallout Universe, you need to watch both of these and count the minutes until Fallout 4. Or 5. Or whatever […]


Tim Lincecum has had a rough couple of years. After winning the Cy Young award his first two years and helping to lead the Giants to a championship the next year, he somehow lost it. Last year he was bad, in fact the worst starting pitcher in baseball. He still struck a lot of hitters out, but also gave up for too many walks and home runs. He was generally lucky to last through the sixth inning. For the post-season, […]