Sunday!; or, Maribou’s Star Wars Review; or, A Love Letter from Me in 2015 to Me in 1984

Many spoilers follow. Also, while my intention is to just talk about MY experience as a film-goer and not to get into feminist politics per se, that whole “personal is political” thing means that some folks may experience this as a political post. In keeping with the spirit of Mindless Diversions (and my own intentions), I’d encourage you not to read it as an argument, and not to respond with one. It’s just my story.


Without getting into Ex Machina spoilers at all (like even fewer than provided by the trailer), I’ll just say this:
1) It has so few actors and so few set pieces that I could see this being done on the stage
2) It is Hard Sci-Fi
3) You need to see this movie

(Warning: Spoilers in here. Warning: This movie is so good that there are actual benefits from not being spoiled.)