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Everything you know is wrong, and everything you like is evil and harmful. Did you see that thing? What a thing that thing is! America is pretty great. America is pretty bad. [ ] are pathetic, but you – you’re pretty darn terrific. Commenting on blogs is a complete waste of time. Everyone should support web developers financially to the very limit of ability to pay. RTod was right about something. This thing is/isn’t working.


Developing Site Developments

This “sub-blog” or “sub-site” or blog on the “League” network-to-be or network-to-be-again is still in development – kind of “open beta.” If you stumble across it, you are welcome to leave a comment, or drop me a line, or make suggestions, or raise issues about site functionality and so on, but “Developing…” hasn’t been fully developed or “officially rolled out.” It should be taken as a “draft” in both form and content. Eventually, if all goes well, it will be one of several and then of many and eventually of very many and many varied similar and not so obviously similar sites or sub-sites.