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Spoiling you some more
1 Space: Awesome. 2 Spaces: Awful – A Test for a Certain Mr. Nosis – UPDATED
Ordinary Fonts (Updated)
Cats and Tags Living Together
Testing Old Crosspost (Xpost) Plug-In
Ordinary Times Is Currently A Left “Liberaltarian,” Mainly Cultural Site

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Redacto blocks for non-logged in users?


Let's see.

Other CK

Should work now - for non-admin-type logged-in users?

Well, I clearly should oughta enable it here, just in case someone wanders by and wants to test. After lunch. Thanks for the fb.

Yep, it works great on the regular blog. Don't worry about it at all. Just was wondering what was going on.

+ Come to think of it may have not fully enabled spoilerization for the Developing OT site - since I didn't expect it ever to be [. . .]

Also note another reason I don't recommend the multi-block tool for comments: It's not set up to conceal the text from State of the Discussion.

I'm trying to spoil this text.

I'll e-mail you a screenshot.

+ Not sure what you're trying to do, VB. [redact-blocks]Not even sure I installed the redact-blocks feature for the Developing OT blog... But should work on the [. . .]

Does this affect the original post only or comments too?

+ Just went and tried a simple example. Content created with two spaces in the visual editor has one of them converted to non-blocking when [. . .]
+ Glyph is both wrong and right. For most users, who cleave unto the Visual editor, two spaces will not automatically convert to one space - [. . .]
+ Glyph is correct: the specified W3 behavior is to compress white space to a single blank unless the CSS white-space property overrules. On simple [. . .]
+ On the subject of rendering engines, the same fonts will come out with noticeable differences on Windows and OSX -- the Mac typically a bit [. . .]
+ I do this in em's because my Javascript applies the same change to everything from 11.5-pixel up to 32-pixel font sizes (I really hate to [. . .]
+ Makes perfect sense, as I think about it, since a 1.5% letter-difference accumulates across the entire line... I mostly adjust letter-spacing by the px, and [. . .]

Yeah. Surprising, isn't it? And for me, -0.01em isn't enough squeezing, but -0.02em is too much.

+ Wait a sec. -0.015em? Your eyes register a -1.5% letter spacing difference? Like the font, tho. Will shortly be adding both versions to the gallery [. . .]
+ Hey - thanks for the reminder. I'll add a couple of Noto Serif samples in a little bit of a while: One basic, one with [. . .]
+ I know I'm weird about fonts (as in "minority of one" weird), but... A few months back I spent considerable time playing with fonts. [. . .]

Well there goes my one-weird-hashtag-per-post game.

+ Post Edits did not sync back from target blog to origin blog. In truth I'm not sure that I really want either functionality very much... [. . .]

Oh - also have to check whether post edits sync. First, let's fix this post so that it refers sensibly to its own Xposted status.

+ Interestingly but at this point somewhat problematically, the comment above DID show up at the origin blog. I am expecting that this one, too, will [. . .]

I don't really believe that this here comment will show up at the origin blog... but you never know.

+ I had a whole thing and lost it, and that was probably a good thing. But: I don't think you and Sam are necessarily disagreeing [. . .]
+ Tumblr is a great publishing platform that's simultaneously easy to use and malleable enough for most needs. It's also for young people. Both of these [. . .]

Tumblr is a toxic hellzone on the level of the chans. Its claim to fame is that it is the current toxic hellzone.

+ Thanks, by the way, @guy - it's always encouraging when someone actually gets a main point, and not only says so, but proves it by [. . .]
+ As usual, we differ. Others can assess the matter as they will, but I think you always do a great job of being just what [. . .]

@ck-macleod I should have trusted my first instinct. I regret having not done so.

+ Thanks, @sam-wilkinson. Actually, I have a few things to thank you for. First, though some would be ashamed, especially if they follow your way of thinking, [. . .]
+ I don't read CK as offering a prescriptive view - he's just saying "if you do A (and you have), B will almost certainly follow." Frankly, [. . .]

Because two people yelling "no you!" back and forth are clearly having a productive discussion.


I originally thought human biodiversity was some kind of anti-genetic engineering hippie-woo thing.

Sam Wilkinson
+ @ck-macleod Your issue is writer recruitment. The very thing that attracts people to this site (other than the chili recipe), is that this seems to [. . .]
+ @sam Amn't seeking a a re-run of old arguments for old times' sake. If you have something to say relevant to this discussion, then why [. . .]

@ck-macleod What a sucker I am for almost taking this bait again.

+ Look, I think we all need to accept that @ck-macleod is correct: No one should be taking absolutist moral stands that something is morally 'right' [. . .]
+ @tod-kelly I have partly apprised myself of the LoOG state-of-play post-Election Day 2012. In the interest of honest site self-audit, I think it should be noted [. . .]