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Linky Friday: (Un)earthly Affairs( 26 )


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[Po1] Walter Olson makes the libertarian case against gerrymandering.

[Po2] A look at politics and personality in the UK.

[Po3] Undermining the FDA? Where do I sign? Also, an interesting look at the history of the FDA.

[Po4] I am increasingly convinced that this is true. It’s been confirmed at least on one side of the aisle, but if we’re honest it’s true of the other side as well as those on the fence, in aggregate. This is also an argument for strong parties with good party elites. {Related?}

[Po5] This may evolve into the most important offshoot of #MeToo. And we’re off!


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[Me1] The rise and fall of Playgirl.

[Me2] The Chinese, evidently, are comfortable with their media and its limitations.

[Me3] Katherine Goldstein argues that news organizations need to do a better job of accommodating mothers.

[Me4] The strange story of an internet media commentator with a penchant for harassing women who turned out to be a teen girl.

[Me5] When tallying the dead, how do you count fetuses?

[Me6] Contrary to conservative complaints, the media hasn’t really buried the Menendez story. MSNBC, though… (and their excuse sucks)

[Me7] The Wall Street Journal reports that Buzzfeed, Mashable, and Vice are all missing their financial targets.


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Image by Jazmin Million

[Re1] Jemar Tisby was a rising star in the white evangelical community in Mississippi, but he has become disillusioned.

[Re2] A video on what happens when ex-Muslims go public.

[Re3] As someone that’s not especially religious (or “spiritual” in the normal sense) but who believes in believing in god, I often look interestedly at the community of church.

[Re4] EdWeek has an article on how to teach religion in schools, without blowing everything up.

[Re5] Hal Boyd argues that it’s to mock the Mormon beliefs is to mock the things about Mormons we often profess to admire.


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Image by Grace Hebert

[Sc1] What a Star Wars spoof revealed about sperm penetration.

[Sc2] According to Razib Khan, the fierceness of the blowback against social psychology is due to pent up demand. Think of it like finally getting to pee after holding it in forever. More, from Andrew Gelman.

[Sc3] Scientific disagreements ending in lawsuits is likely to be a problem for the climate sciences in general.

[Sc4] Asymmetrical scrutiny is an ever-present concern with science, and it’s hard to find a better example than this.

[Sc5] A look at turning heat into motion using magnets.


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Image by cuatrok77

[Sp1] When is a giant world not a planet?

[Sp2] Chris Russell looks at what we can learn by going back to the moon.

[Sp3] Studying the plumes of Enceladus.

[Sp4] I’m just glad this didn’t happen those few months when everybody was telling everybody else they had to see Crash. What if China meets the aliens first? We’re already sending stuff out.

[Sp5] If there are aliens out there, they may be a lot like us.

[Sp6] A big new advance for terraforming Mars? Now, if ewe can just get a comet full of water to collide with it.Image by cuatrok77

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Morning Ed: Geopolitics {2017.11.16}( 16 )

[Gp1] A look at Germany’s relationship with its military and the dilemmas that presents.

[Gp2] Rachel VanLandingham is unhappy with how the Bowe Bergdahl case turned out.

[Gp3] The British Royal Navy isn’t growing, apparently.

[Gp4] Lordy have mercy that terrorism insurance is a thing for musicians.

[Gp5] Here’s a look at some of the complexities of the Catalonia situation.

[Gp6] A look at Genghis Khan’s spy network.

[Gp7] Could Saudi Arabia be taking a more moderate course?

[Gp87] All is not well at the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board.

[Gp9] Good work, Buzzfeed.


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Morning Ed: Health {2017.20.15.W}( 14 )

[He1] Between pagers and fax machines, hospitals don’t just keep patients alive but technologies.

[He2] Some might say that vaping is safe, but living 86,000,000 years would drive any sane man mad.

[He3] Smoking may kill you, but so may being told to stop smoking.

[He4] The New York Magazine has an interesting look at doulas.

[He5] I was all prepared to share in the outrage of this story, but these are actually important things and even if it means she has to charge more she needs to hire somebody to do them.

[He6] Brink Lindsey and Steven Teles argue that medical licensing is propping up health care prices. They are, but not in all ways that people suspect and it’s less clear cut than people think. I am skeptical that there are a whole lot of savings to be made by increasing the number of doctors (quite the opposite, possibly), but allowing non-physician to do more might. I recently paid $250 for a doctor to confirm that I had wax in my ears and a nurse to squirt fluid in there to get it out.

[He7] One area where we are not apparently likely to see savings is by allowing doctors to conduct business through emails. But maybe if we built less.

[He8] I don’t think we’re going to end up with single payer, but this is how we end up with single payer.

[He9] America’s worse opioid crisis of the 20th century.

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Morning Ed: SciFi {2017.11.14.T}( 19 )

[SF1] Superhero origin story.

[SF2] Babblefish made real. This is a lot more important a development than a lot of things we consider to be important developments.

[SF3] USA! USA! Take that, Japan.

[SF4] This is how we lose everything. This was actually the plot of the Westworld movie (but not the TV show). The robots designed the robots, and so when they went berzerk nobody knew what to do because they were so removed from the process.

[SF5] But what happens if you go through the void? Alternate universes? Please tell me alternate universes.

[SF6] This will end in no tears.

[SF7] I can imagine a few ways this might go wrong.

[SF8] William Bradley tries to come to terms with the fact that Frank Miller’s politics are not to his liking and trying to like his work anyway. Must be hard.

[SF9] Either that or the programmers did a really, really good job.

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Morning Ed: World {2017.11.13.M}( 51 )

[Wo1] Salena Zito and Chris Arnande journalism, German Edition. Meanwhile, in Poland

[Wo2] Nation-states may be pretty bad, but they’re still the best workable thing we’ve got.

[Wo3] This is an interesting story, but who the hell names a boat the HMS Terror?

[Wo4] No longer satisfied with constantly ripping on Canada, Jacobin is now taking aim at Japan.

[Wo5] Vandals… or heroes? Seriously, regardless of which system you prefer, you want uniformity that this is messing with.

[Wo6] Hadn’t thought about this, but it makes sense: Stereotypes about only-child kids are being tested society-wide in China.

[Wo7] I staunchly believe this did not happen.

[Wo8] I love the idea of a passenger mutiny on a cruise ship and I don’t know why.

[Wo9] I’m honestly surprised that it’s only 20%.

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Linky Friday: Crime & Sustenance( 126 )


[Cr1] Like flesh-eating bacteria, brain-eating fungus will always sound like something scifi/horror to me.

[Cr2] You’d think if anyone would know what donut crumbs look like…

[Cr3] Tage Rai wants us to stop acting like mental illness causes mass shootings, on the basis that it’s unfair to the mentally ill.

[Cr4] In addition to being terrible, this story seems odd. What did she think would happen once he got out? I guess that he’d be too ashamed to say anything, or that nobody would believe him. And this one is less severe but way weirder.

[Cr5] This stands to reason, given that most people in the Witness Protection Program are themselves criminals.

[Cr6] A look at murders they didn’t commit. Also, the history of skeleton confessors.”>tobacco smuggling by state, and the implications of cigarette taxation.


[Tr1] Bill Wirtz makes the case for rail privatization (for Europe).

[Tr2] This is going to be pretty great. I’ll be able to see the light change from the corner of my eyes that are glued to my smartphone.

[Tr3] It’s hard to overstate what an astoundingly terrible idea this is.

[Tr4] #BanCars. The argument makes sense, but good luck with that.

[Tr5] A look at ridesharing and why people can’t have nice things.

[Tr6] How insurance companies are charging minority neighborhoods more, despite similar risk profiles. The best explanation for this I’ve heard so far is that they target places where people do the least amount of comparison shopping. So a solution could be to add more transparency to that process. Auto insurance exchanges?


Image by JeepersMedia

[Fo1] It’s Popeye’s. I’m not sure what they’re complaining about?

[Fo2] Maybe Bill O’Reilly’s next book can be called Killing Applebees, which has the added benefit of letting him attack millennials.

[Fo3] The quick rise of pumpkin spice has been something to behold, though I remember the same thing with chipotle peppers going from something I’d never heard of to something on everything this side of ice cream.

[Fo4] This is how Macron loses to LePen in four years.

[Fo5] It is to our eternal shame that this wasn’t invented in the USA.

[Fo6] Gustavo Arellano writes of the death of the Nacho King, and what his life and timesmeans about cultural appropriation and food. I am skeptical of a lot of cultural appropriation, but especially when it comes to food.


[Mo1] Jon Evans declares the startup era to be at an end.

[Mo2] It’s amazing how those nefarious schemers in the tobacco industry could ever have come up with such sneaky sales tactics as lower prices to increase sales.

[Mo3] Maybe conspicuous consumption deserves to be defended.

[Mo4] I feel about rent-to-own companies the way a lot of people feel about payday lenders. The existence of such a thing and how it has been implemented represents a failure of… something.

[Mo5] Mining jobs are dangerous, dirty, and underpaid. Worse yet, they may be going away.

[Mo6] I don’t expect China to overtake us any time soon, but if this is any indication of Chinese ingenuity, maybe I’m wrong.


geothermal power photo

Image by ThinkGeoEnergy

[En1] A look at tidal power in Scotland.

[En2] This is important: Universal energy access possible by 2030.

[En3] Germany is having some real difficulty meeting its climate goals. Meanwhile, optimism in France.

[En4] Geothermal in Nevada!

[En5] Drill, Baby, Drill, because climate change mitigation won’t pay for itself.

[En6] A look at the psychology of onshore wind power. As someone who prefers Works of Man over Works of God, this is really lost on me. Wind farms are beautiful.

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Morning Ed: Media {2017.11.09.Th}( 105 )

[Me1] Apparently InfoWars does not property respect Russian intellectual property.

[Me2] Ask a Mexican was a pretty interesting feature – that I was introduced to on the Unz Report, of all places – and I’m sorry to see it go. {More}

[Me3] The Rand Paul attack does look vaguely suspicious, but the response to it from some quarters has been quite odd.

[Me4] I’m not sure how much responsibility to assign to Facebook and Twitter for their media workings, but this doesn’t look great for Twitter. Though when we ask (or demand) that Facebook and the like do something about “fake news” we should be careful what we wish for.

[Me5] Conservative media bias may be expanding to television sets near you. Unlike Fox News, and like the broadcast network news programs, they carry more of a veneer of neutrality and therefore could be especially effective.

[Me6] Some of Russian propaganda efforts in the US look to me like they were just having fun and seeing what stuck rather than thoughtful provocation. Relatedly, what Tucker Carlson and Fox News is doing defies charitable explanation and when and if we ever get to the other side of this thing Carlson should not be able to shrug it off as roleplaying.

[Me7] Twitter keeps finding new and inventive ways of discrediting the media. For consumers on Twitter, it’s veils slipping. For consumers off media, it’s things like this and media focus on Twitter.

[Me8] With Teen Vogue and a couple alt-weeklies, I wonder if the lack of a print edition leaves the web edition without a rationale. Teen Vogue has the whole Social Justice thing going for it now, but that has only gotten the attention it has due to the counterintuitive fact it came from a teen media outlet.

[Me9] If you’re in media, unionizing can be dangerous business. I don’t have a problem with him pulling up his stakes, but shutting it down immediately was just an ass move.

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Morning Ed: Labor {2017.11.08.W}( 71 )

[La1] Bank of America is concerned with Chipotle paying its employees so well.

[La2] Sometimes you’ve got to fire your top talent. {More}

[La3] Fifteen jobs that are allegedly safe from automation.

[La4] So not only are robots a threat to replace retail and superstore workers, now they’re going to start going around, aisle to aisle, and checking their work.

[La5] Ack! Noooooooooooooo! Trying to teach them to code is actually a pretty terrible idea, but the fact that they’re eschewing natural gas work is really troublesome.

[La6] This is a pretty interesting study testing with sensors how we respond to men and women at work.

[La7] To be honest, it’s really hard for a marriage to have two careers, instead of one career and one job. What we really need is to lose the assumption that the man gets the career and the woman gets the job without a compelling reason otherwise.

[La8] This is not surprising. Some rise to the occasion, but stress makes worse people of most of us.

[La9] Good news! Our paychecks are getting larger after all!

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Tech Tuesday 11/7/17 – Hulk Edition( 91 )


Aero1 – Last pics of Saturn’s rings before the plunge.

Aero2 – The new Hall thruster is setting all kinds of records!  To be fair, this is still pretty new tech, so beating records isn’t as hard as, say, squeaking out a fraction of a percentage more performance out of a turbofan, or something else we’ve been messing with for a hundred years or more, but still.

Aero3 – I just have a strange, call it romantic, fascination with airships.  Riding on one is most definitely on my bucket list.

Aero4 – NASA is looking at how Lobster’s look at you, right before you drop them in the boiling pot and start looking for the butter…


Arch1 – In some ways, it has to be an exciting time to be an architect, what with advances in materials and construction techniques.

Arch2 – Because why should we limit architecture to just Earth.


Bio1 – Another super vaccine (last time it was for the Flu).

Bio2 – Taking a closer look at how lungs work in micro/zero gravity.  Well, yes, we know they ‘work’, but will they keep working long term, or will they need help along the way.  This would all be so much easier if we would just hurry up and develop artificial gravity (the techno-whizz-bang kind, not the spin the ship kind).

Bio3 – I don’t know if we will ever beat dying of old age, but anything that can make getting old suck less is a good step in my book.

Bio4 – Hey, look, the Lenksi experiment is in the news.

Bio5Gut bacteria have their tiny little flagella into everything in our bodies.

Bio6 – Brain scans can identify suicidal people.  Yeah, can’t imagine how that could go wrong…

Bio7 – Sometimes I really wonder what the hell is wrong with headline writers.

Bio8 – Wasn’t this the plot of a Spider-Man movie?


Enrg1 – Sandia is using fractal patterns to improve solar efficiency.  I’m surprised we haven’t seen a lot more with regard to fractals and solar power.

Enrg2 – Another day, another story about making better batteries.

Enrg3 – Looking at giant clams to figure out how to scale algae bio-fuel production.


Env1 – As I’ve said before, models are tricky things.  If you have bad assumptions, or bad data, your model will produce bad results.  PS If this turns out to be true (it’s only one study), it does not bode well for climate change.

Env2 – Another bit on vertical farming with pink LEDs.  I like how they are exploring how much they can flicker the LEDs to maximize growth and energy savings.  Speaking of pink light...


Mat1 – Wait a minute, are you telling me that if you irradiate plastic with gamma radiation, it can make concrete stronger?  Does it turn green too?  Or make the concrete green?  No, you can’t claim that grey concrete is proof just because there was a grey hulk, we gotta start at green.

Mat2 – Graphene and silver make for bendy touch screens.

Mat3 – To make glass not shiny, make it not smooth.  Yes, there is an element of “Duh!” in this, but the approach taken is novel, and leaves the glass transparent enough to see through.


Phys1 – Cambridge is putting Dr. Hawking’s PhD thesis online under Creative Commons.  I heard a rumor the demand was so great when it posted it crashed the server.

Phys2Attoboy!  That is a quick laser pulse, I must admit.

Phys3 – Using superfluid helium to detect dark matter.  Superfluid helium is strange stuff, so I wouldn’t bet against this.


Tech1 – Remember MH370? What if we could have drastically narrowed down the search radius by listening?  New tech is using hydrophones to find ocean impacts anywhere in the world.  With video.

Tech2 – Nissan rolls out it’s first fully autonomous auto.  I can see a few obvious sensors, but otherwise it’s unremarkable.

Tech3 – Now that’s a good idea.  It’s about time the design moved away from “something cobbled together in college shop” and onto, “this is how to do it right”.

Tech4 – For entry, buzz my finger!  No, it’s not a fart joke!  How old do you think I am, 12?  Wait, no, don’t answer that…

Tech5 – A handheld infrared spectroscopy device that will allow people living in marginal areas to test for all kinds of food and water contami… wait, no, it’s for cops to use to test for drugs… sigh.  I suppose it has to be sold to someone who has money to spend, and on the bright side, it will hopefully cut down on the number of confectioners and herbalists getting arrested for having powdered sugar or oregano in their cars.

Tech6 – On the brighter side, Bill and Melinda are at least trying to help third world populations with sanitation projects.

Tech7 – This strikes me as a place where some machine learning will go a very long way.

Wacky, Weird, and Wonderful

WWW1 – Saudi Arabia is planning it’s own version of Dubai.

WWW2 – Sinking a ship to help for a coral reef is old hat.  Attaching a giant octopus sculpture to the ship so that it looks like something out of Captain Nemo’s nightmares not only creates a nifty place for coral to grow and divers to explore, it will most surely confuse the hell out of alien archaeologists as the explore the ruins of our civilization.

WWW3 – A kombi I can dig.

Image by Trev Grant

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Morning Ed: Education {2017.11.06.M}( 58 )

[Ed1] The cost of free college is absorbed by the poor, says a new paper. This is a complaint about merit-based scholarships, but I hadn’t heard it applied to free college before.

[Ed2] Budget cuts at the state and particularly federal level are putting a strain on top-tier midwestern universities.

[Ed3] Quality control for substitute teachers is tough, but the two day suspension is pretty damning.

[Ed4] Schools are apparently being targeted for ransomware attacks.

[Ed5] I’ve come around to the belief that technology in the classroom will ultimately be to education’s benefit, but also that I would be more comfortable if it were mostly a non-profit venture. (There are no shortage of billionaires with a lot of interest in this stuff.)

[Ed6] I’m pretty sure I saw this episode of Every Family Sitcom Ever.

[Ed7] Toby Young wrote a piece on the limits of what schools can do, which became the subject of some controversy when it was pulled by the organization that commissioned it as part of a “diversity of perspectives” effort. There are no Free Speech implications here in any real sense, but I do think Teach First should not have pulled it.

[Ed8] A look at outcomes and efficacy of Amerindian boarding schools.

[Ed9] Here’s a look at the efficacy of admissions test prep (PDF). Charles Murray wants to do away with the SAT entirely and replace them with achievement tests.

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Linky Friday: Housing the World( 216 )


immigration photo

Image by krebsmaus07

[Im1] Sam Bowman makes the case for arguing about immigration. Arguing with people who disagree with you on immigration is probably better than blithely dismissing them.

[Im2] Borders between countries and walls between families.

[Im3] Television has a tendency to portray Latino immigrants as criminals.

[Im4] As we look at what happened in New York and reconsider the Diversity Visa program, here is a look at another beneficiary of the program who stopped a terrorist attack.

[Im5] I’m not sure I can think of a more efficient way to breed anti-immigration resentment.

[Im6] Speaking of immigration and housing, the new New Zealand government is coming down hard against foreigners who want to buy existing houses. Some perspective from someone who immigrated to New Zealand.


Gavin Newsome photo

Image by torbakhopper

[Ho1] Houses are getting bigger, but yards are getting smaller. That seems likely better than the other way around.

[Ho2] Pete Saunders writes of the limits of Build Baby Build.

[Ho3] Gavin Newsom has some ideas to alleviate housing costs in California and they’re not all bad! And maybe not a moment too soon.

[Ho4] Rhiannon Bury argues they can mitigate London’s housing shortage by building over railways. A quarter of a million homes!

[Ho5] Though often cited as a positive example, it turns out maybe rent control hasn’t worked in Germany, either.


haumea photo

Image by Kevin M. Gill

[Sp1] Dwarf planet Haumea – the oddly shaped onehas a ring.

[Sp2] NASA has a plutonium problem, but it’s working on it.

[Sp3] The mystery of the neutron star collision… solved?

[Sp4] I’ve lost track of whether or not we think Planet Nine exists, but NASA just sent out an indication of yes?

[Sp5] New tools to find habitable worlds?

[Sp6] We were a mistake. All of us. Everything.

[Sp7] The Pope chatted with some astronauts.


[Hc1] Bob Tedeschi looks at how doctors handle patient bigotry.

[Hc2] There may be a new way to straighten teach, and Orthodontists are trying to put a stop to it.

[Hc3] Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry explains how a ton of our healthcare spending is being wasted.

[Hc4] This is really exciting! Dyslexia is one of those we don’t even know how common it really is, in part because we don’t know how it works. I’d always assumed it was strictly a brain thing.

[Hc5] Kumar Yogesh wants to unload medical records onto the patient.

Sex Crimes:

mental illness photo

Image by JenXer

[SC1] Ew.

[SC2] Here’s an interview with one of Kevin Spacey’s victims. And rumors from two years ago. Russell/Daniel has some things to say about a Slate article trying to minimize what Spacey did.

[SC3] In addition to being generally “crimes against women” should we actually think of sexual assault more as crimes against the young (PDF)?

[SC4] From Sam: Diana Moskovitz’s evisceration of the disbelief women endure in media is worth stopping everything to read. {Related}

[SC5] What… what precisely does Bernard Godard think rape is?

[SC6] Megan’s law is going global.

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Morning Ed: Mindspace {2017.11.02.Th}( 37 )

[Mi1] Our own Rufus F wrote a piece for the Partially Examined life on Louis CK, Schopenhauer and suffering.

[Mi2] What mental illness looks like.

[Mi3] Marilyn Monroe recounts when she went to the psych ward.

[Mi4] When I was a young, I was big into the idea of stoicism. I found that while I needed to do a better job of keeping myself in check, I just wasn’t meant for it.

[Mi5] Mark Humphries on the limitations of neurons.

[Mi6] There are, apparently, four kinds of introversion.

[Mi7] Scientific proof that we really do hate Mondays.

[Mi8] Tim Harford looks at the wastefulness of wishful thinking.

[Mi9] If you walk a mile in someone’s shoes, you will… become judgmental as hell.

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Morning Ed: Sports {2017.11.01.W}( 19 )

[Sp1] The World Series is an odd time to start experimenting with new baseballs.

[Sp2] Should baseball be doing more to protect fans?

[Sp3] I may have linked to this one before, but a look at the dark fate of Donnie Moore, and how it wasn’t just The Pitch that sent him over.

[Sp4] Stephen Beale wants to get the politics out of football.

[Sp5] Brett McMurphy writes about the decision-making process in college football when it comes to whether or not to fire a coach. Georgia took some grief for firing Richt, but that really turned out to be the best thing for Georgia, Richt, and Miami.

[Sp6] How a frustrated would-be writer took down Ole Miss’s breakout football program.

[Sp7] Robert Greene II reviews a book on stadiums and American sports culture.

[Sp8] I’m slowly becoming convinced that soccer has indeed made it.

[Sp9] Here’s another story on slowing participation in youth football. If football is going to be displaced, I hope lacrosse shoves its way ahead in line so its not replaced by football.

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Morning Ed: Society {2017.10.31.Tu}( 63 )

[So1] I knew it!

[So2] Introducing the Japanese Halloween Trains. {More}

[So3] Dan Wang looks at the Girardian politics of Game of Thrones. Even though it’s on a different subject (ingroup/outgroup), it actually complements or is complemented by Scott Alexander’s ingroup/outgroup and togas/party/class pieces.

[So4] This is actually good news for people opting out of cable. While I still think there are savings either way, there’s no doubt in my mind that cable providers are helping keep streaming substitutes as cheap as they are.

[So5] Internet sleuths are good, but not necessarily good enough to find a guy who doesn’t exist.

[So6] I haven’t seen some of these, agree that others are messed up, but on the whole I thought Fat Daphne was a pretty clever response to the actress getting pregnant.

[So7] VICE goes to a gathering of dummies.

[So8] I always assumed that comics would say “Continued after the next page” because back then the medium was newer and you had to explain things more, but it turns out it was related to the genesis of advertising in comic books.

[So9] Sure, just give cancer patients another obligation.


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Morning Ed: United States {2017.10.30.M}( 66 )

[US1] Desperation in West Virginia.

[US2] The immigration crackdown is doing some damage to the border economy.

[US3] New Yorkers really, really hate slow walkers. I’m actually with them on this.

[US4] Well this is a real bummer.

[US5] This proposal to split California three ways avoids the alleged senate balance of the previous six-state plan and in my view creates more sustainable states. Just as four is a better number for Texas than five, three is probably a better number than six for California.

[US6] Spooky.

[US7] An interesting look at the cultural relationship between the US and Australia. Australia has the population of Texas, roughly, so it’s not surprising that the penetration would be unidirectional. The same would be true if Texas had its own scene, though at least like Canada they wouldn’t need to be redone the way an Australian television import would.

[US8] Keri Leigh Merritt explains how emancipation benefited poor whites by giving them someone lower than them in the “free persons” hierarchy.

[US9] WEB DuBois had some opinions on Robert E Lee and his legacy. And also, a former slave.


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Linky Friday: Suspicious Minds( 211 )


[L1] This is a pretty amazing story of an internet dating fraud (catfisher), a woman he marked, and the model whose photograph he used.

[L2] Alysse ElHague and Samuel Perry discuss the relationship between pornography and relationship quality. There are a lot of confounding factors here, of course, but that it’s most damaging for religious couples is a really interesting find.

[L3] Well, I guess everyone should have a chance at romantic happiness. I guess.

[L4] I’ve seen conscientious non-marriage work out, but I’ve far more often seen it lead to heartbreak. To each their own, though as Dharma pointed out in Dharma & Greg, it can be real trouble for children: “Did you ever stop to think that there was somebody in that house that woke up in the morning wondering if this was the day her parents were going to choose not to be together?”

[L5] Three words: Sex on trains.


Image by satanoid

[M1] The genetics of divorce.

[M2] In addition to genetics, there also may be a serious issue with excessively high expectations and over-reliance on our spouses. {More}

[M3] Why women cheat, updated. Also, new research on who is most likely to cheat. And what happens.

[M4] By my understanding of contemporary politics, this means we either need to implement a nudge divorce tax or to ban marriage.

[M5] Claire Cain Miller writes about how marriage because a perk of privilege.

[M6] A look at the cost of weddings. Given the things we didn’t have to pay for (venue being a big one), I’m still taken aback at how much ours cost.


[C1] David Benatar makes the case against the morality of having children. Over here, of course, it seems to correspond far more with marriage. (Note: No effect for men.)

[C2] A new study suggests that parenthood in Britain makes women more conservative.

[C3] While not all of these are wrong, I think a lot of people will be surprised at how little artificial wombs will actually change the world.

[C4] I’m kind of skeptical of robot baby incubators, in the end, but do wish them all the luck.

[C5] It’s hard to appreciate how devastating the Motherisk story in Canada is.

[C6] Scotland is considering a ban on spanking. I’m not against this in theory (or on “freedom” grounds), though can’t reconcile myself to the type of enforcement that would be required for it to make a difference.

[C7] Just so that we’re clear here, the grandparents aren’t necessarily right! Really, generational divides are going to make this sort of thing pretty persistent.


Image by bertknot

[G1] A look at the modern Orthodox Jew.

[G2] A poor choice of words sent former ESPN writer Anthony Federico’s life in a talespin, ending up with him in the priesthood. Also, a Yale neuroscientist.

[G3] Free love and dark rituals deep in the heart of Missouri.

[G4] A former member of Westboro speaks of her experience.

[G5] A look at Jonestown and the progressive cult that lead there.

[G6] I don’t like Dan Brown as much as his fans, or hate him as much as his detractors, but Matthew Walther’s takedown is something to behold.


[O1] Sometimes an elephant does not want a selfie with you.

[O2] I don’t even know what to make of radioactive boar.

[O3] The love story of a penguin and a cardboard cut-out.

[O4] Crows are hella smart, so maybe we should try to put that to good use!

[O5] The story behind the glowing corals.

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Morning Ed: World {2017.10.26.Th}( 22 )

[Wo1] India and Japan used to be economic peers. What happened?

[Wo2] The NHS continues down the road of reserving care for the virtuous.

[Wo3] If you’re a Neo-Nazi there are an infinite number of good reasons to leave the movement, and here are two.

[Wo4] A look at demographics and diversity in Roman Britain.

[Wo5] I totally like Bulgaria now.

[Wo6] Emmanuel Carrere takes a closer look at President Jupiter. I wish him the best because I wish France the best, but he has already served his purpose and ruling centrists parties are bad so hopefully something gives.

[Wo7] I wonder if this starts glowing in concert with the glowing orb. It would only stand to reason.

[Wo8] Axios looks at independence movements around the world.

[Wo9] Google and Prisoners in Texas come through in a big way in the arena of hurricane recovery.

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Morning Ed: Harvey’s Shadow {2017.10.25.W}( 154 )

[HS01] China Daily declares that sexual harassment is a western problem.

[HS02] Anna David talks about omnipresent sexual harassment while trying to make her way through the Hollywood ranks. Molly Ringwold speaks of other Harveys. Lindsay Zoldadz shares her experiences and how she tried to dodge unwanted attention.

[HS03] According to Thomas Frank, Weinstein’s hard-charging liberal politics operated as a shield against accusations. Perhaps there was a reason he thought bringing up the NRA would help.

[HS04] Huffington Post about how Harvey Weinstein was protected for years, and Buzzfeed on how he held on. Quentin Tarantino has regrets.

[HS05] Brit Marling explains how the cost of saying no can be awfully high. And while actresses might have a platform to speak out down the road, crewmembers don’t.

[HS06] Louis CK and Woody Allen have bad timing. Though at least in Allen’s case, if you roll the dice enough.

[HS07] Claire Cain Miller writes of how sexual harassment allegations can hurt women generally in the workplace. It’s such a terrible lose-lose situation. It’s up to corporate America to fix.

[HS08] In a venue where people really needed to hear it, Amy Swearer shares her #MeToo. Also, Prepper Frog on Twitter.

[HS09] From Sam Wilkinson: Dvora Meyers writes a potent rebuke of Mayim Bialik’s proposal of modesty as a workaround for men’s sexual aggression. Meyers rightly observes that Bialik’s since-apologized-for idea asks nothing of men while implicitly blaming women for their own abuse, as if predatory men are simply incapable of anything beyond what they have always done.

[HS10] Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has gotten its subpoenas for its own sexual harassment case and 0other accusors want to know “What about us?”

[HS11] Conservatives have tried to tie Weinstein to the Democrats, but to be honest I don’t buy it. That said, the DNC’s handling of his donations is poppycock for which they should get no credit. The DCCC did better, though.

[HS12] The cascade of accusations reached Vox. Meanwhile, Bill O’Reilly paid $32,000,000 for a non-disclosure. Really glad that didn’t pan out.

[HS13] And in addition to Hollywood and newsrooms, state capitols.

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Tech Tuesday 10/24/17 – I Actually Like Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli Edition( 23 )


AERO1 – So that’s where we put our keys.

AERO2 – Space tourism, next year.  Personally, I’m more interested in the whole point to point travel.  Even a very low orbit can get you on the other side of the world in minutes.

AERO3 – “This is a test.  This is only a test.  Had this been a real asteroid emergency, you would have been instructed to bend over, place your head between your legs, and ki…”

AERO4 – Cassini’s final moments.


BIO1 – The object of healing is not to kill the cancer cells but to make the cancer cells kill themselves.

BIO2 – Quantum dots kill superbugs.

BIO3 – Imagine if your next cavity was filled with tooth enamel instead of metal or resin?

BIO4 – You don’t have to like it, but it really is good for you.  I like all the cruciferous veggies.


ENR1 – When I think about SeaSteads, this is one potential economy I envision to support them.

ENR2 – Next stop, Origami Capacitors.

ENR3 – One thing I notice is that they aren’t talking much about size.  I mean, if sodium is so good, why are we just now looking at it?

ENR4 – The North Atlantic is just full of energy we are leaving on the table.  As an aside, that Roman Marine concrete we figured out how to make?  Here is a good application for it (tower bases).  Just do the initial casting on land, then when it’s cured enough to move, ship it to the installation site, and let it cure some more in the sea water.  By the time you get the towers raised, It’ll be ready.

ENR5 – MIT has a new, breathing flow battery for grid storage.  If we are serious about renewable energy, grid storage is a must.  Although I wonder what kind of impacts grid storage will have on the energy markets and dispatching rules?

ENR6 – Speaking of North Atlantic Wind Power, the first floating wind farm is up and running.  I will be very curious to see how much it produces compared to it’s rated generating capacity.


ENV1 – Turning atmospheric CO2 into minerals.  Interesting chemistry, but how much energy does it take to do this?


MAT1 – A spray on coating for concrete walls that makes the wall earthquake resistant.  Note this can be used to retrofit existing structures.

MAT2 – Bite me, brutalism.


MIL1 – The question is, will this be like the prequels, or will it actually work this time?


PHYS1 – It’s not turtles, it’s knots, knots all the way down.  This also seems to add some support for String Theory.  I think.


TECH1 – Cameras that can see around corners.

TECH2 – Three words to find home

TECH3 – Robotic fingers with a sense of touch.


TRANS1 – GM has been working on a generic, modifiable fuel cell platform for a while.  This seems to be the latest iteration.

TRANS2 – GM isn’t the only one working on that idea.

Wacky, Weird, and Wonderful

WWW1 – Dubai police are either very brave, or very stupid (not the flying part, it’s the unshrouded blades).

WWW2 – I bring you the blow by blow of all the best mecha battles.  You’re welcome, you thankless ingrates…

WWW3 – On the plus side, there will be no hills to ride up.

WWW4 – Google Maps for all your exo-planetary navigation needs.



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Morning Ed: Politics {2017.10.23.M}( 28 )

[Po1] The establishment of government regulations… when things are working really well?

[Po2] As with many issues, on guns the loud minority defeats the apathetic majority. If you’re trying to get caught yup on the gun debate, here’s what you need to know.

[Po3] Before they were shills for Trump, the Russians were allegedly helping Bernie. Here are some of the people who got duped. It turns out, there’s a long history there.

[Po4] Perhaps it’s revealing that while Brussels and aspiring democracy looks at American politics through the optimism of The West Wing, Russians are looking at
something else entirely.

[Po5] This Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry piece on navigating the unsettling state of political affairs is recommended.

[Po6] This is a pretty interesting way to try to fund a campaign to unseat Ted Cruz.

[Po7] Elizabeth Bruenig writes of the deal with nationalism. I tend to think of nationalism as mostly a compact, but she’s right such can’t really do all the heavy lifting.

[Po8] If we want to reduce inequality, a new report says without an ounce of counterintuition… redistribute wealth.

[Po9] What happens to all that old campaign merchandise? George W Bush had some great swag. Sometimes I still regret not getting that leather jacket.

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Linky Friday: Blood & Money( 446 )


John Wilkes Booth, Edwin Booth, and Junius Booth, Jr. in an 1864 production of Julius Caesar. (Public domain)

John Wilkes Booth in an 1864 production of Julius Caesar. (Public domain)

[Cr1] I’m pretty sure this happened in Naked Gun, except involving togas and daggers.

[Cr2] Creatively keeping convictions by kicking them loose. Ahhh, incentives.

[Cr3] We might condemn sexual predators in the form of politicians and producers, but what about rock stars?

[Cr4] I have a really open mind on this subject, but… not 11.

[Cr5] Well this is a frustratingly awful story all around.


[He1] I understand Helen Pluckrose’s concern here about fatness becoming an identity worth preserving and defending, so to speak, but we are so far away from this being a problem compared to actual marginalization of the overweight that I believe it to be misguided.

[He2] Well, this does seem kind of suspicious.

[He3] Suneel Dhand laments the demise of the physicians’ lounge. Seems like they’d be better off just having nap rooms. We racked up an average of $400/mo in hotel bills because my wife’s last employer didn’t have call rooms in the hospital.

[He4] The answer to this question is pretty straightforward: More money, more immigration, and lower credentialing standards. Note I say “and” rather than “or.”

[He5] Ed Dolan writes how regulation is hurting the autistic by preventing them from getting the help that they need.


Earth from space, showing melting ice.

Image credit: NASA.

[Cl1] The cost of off-shore wind is fall-fall-falling, turbines being built, a solar surplus in California, and geothermal is becoming more attractive, including in Honduras!

[Cl2] Isn’t causing grief part of the point?

[Cl3] The planet will be fine.

[Cl4] As if we don’t have enough to worry about, now we’re worried about “horizontal hurricanes” in California.

[Cl5] Speaking of hurricanes, look at what 100mph winds does to this house.

[Cl6] A new Trump maneuver may save coal. Also, it may destroy energy companies by forcing them to go bankrupt. If it weren’t for pipelines and signalling for a leftward lurch, it’s possible that Democrats would become the party of Big Energy.


A white driverless car with a painting of people playing on monkey barks, and a female passenger.

By Grendelkhan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

[Tr1] I would only get on board with this if it’s a murder mystery that takes place on a train.

[Tr2] Hyperlooooooooooooop! Will it bring Amazon to Texas?

[Tr3] It’s not a flying car, but maybe it’ll do.

[Tr4] If California bans the internal combustion engine, it’s not clear that there will still be thirteen states following its regulatory whims. Though who knows how things will look by 2040.

[Tr5] This is highly plausible. I think we can work around that, environmentally speaking, if we’re so inclined. I’m not sure if we will.


[Fo1] A look at the Dutch agricultural revolution.

[Fo2] Here’s what it takes to become (labeled) a Monsanto Shill.

[Fo3] KFC has invaded Ghana, and belts are busting as a result.

[Fo4] I’m always game to try out meatless burgers, but I’ll really believe it when I taste it.

[Fo5] You ask why, I ask why not?


[Bu1] This seems like a really good idea. We’re not the target audience right now, but we have been in the past.

[Bu2] What Russian hackers mean for Russians in Silicon Valley.

[Bu3] If your app’s job is that dogs get walked, losing the dogs is a problem. Be that as it may, dog-sitting (as opposed to dog-walking) services have proven to be a godsend for us.

[Bu4] As people move around from employer to employer more often, employers are increasingly willing to take former employees back.

[Bu5] In training tomorrow’s workforce, Google is investing some pretty big money.

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Morning Ed: Cities {2017.10.19.Th}( 38 )

[Ci1] Korea isn’t buying into the suburbs.

[Ci2] Gentrification, public money, lined pockets: Daniel Brook on the Ruse of the Creative Class. No one sets themselves up for success as well as the man who can provide the rationale for the big and powerful to do what they already wanted to do. (But seriously, good for those who admitted their error.)

[Ci3] Corporations have their own language that help move them along, so it makes sense that cities would to.

[Ci4] Skunthala says that cities are not the future.

[Ci5] As an experiment, switch the context of this article from gentrification to immigration and let’s see where it lands.

[Ci6] Las Vegas’ motto has always practically been “The devil may care”… and now what will it do if the devil does?

[Ci7] While not as cool as Truth or Consequences, naming a city Amazon is pretty okay as far as corporate names go.

[Ci8] Greg Clark writes about the urban revolution.

[Ci9] It should come as no surprise that I love this sort of thing. Use every inch of real estate!


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Morning Ed: Education {2017.10.18.W}( 64 )

[Ed1] Girls outperform boys in some of the most unexpected places.

[Ed2] Miles Kimball and Noah Smith wonder why Americans have an unusual fear of math.

[Ed3] What if school quality doesn’t matter much?

[Ed4] At some point these relocation restrictions may aggregate to become a drag on the economy.

[Ed5] A good education will really take you places.

[Ed6] Do medieval academics and enthusiasts need to renounce radical enthusiasts?

[Ed7] Hillsdale College is no place for individualists.

[Ed8] Professors often get the blame for leftism on campus, but they are apparently a moderating influence and the issue has more to do with peers.

[Ed9] There may or may not be too much political correctness going on at campuses, but the fear surrounding it appears to be harboring exploitation.

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Morning Ed: Housing {2017.10.17.Tu}( 54 )

[Ho1] A look at the state of real estate in London.

[Ho2] Downtown LA has… vacancies!

[Ho3] Kristian Niemietz is concerned that Britain’s housing crisis created a generation of socialists… but was the housing crisis caused by government planning in the first place? {More}

[Ho4] Low(er) cost housing is coming to the burbs. Devon Marisa Zuegel writes of the many ways the government created suburbia.

[Ho5] Speaking of burbs, not all of them are so conventional.

[Ho6] Tim Sullivan asks if home ownership is becoming the province of the upper classes in Massachusetts. It might not be such a bad thing if it weren’t driven so by increasing prices. Maybe if we just got rid of down payments, what could go wrong then?

[Ho7] There is just something odd about the notion of cruise ships being cheaper than retirement homes.

[Ho8] Alana Samuels argues that housing costs are decreasing mobility for lower-wage people. It’s a tempting argument, but really we want the high-wage people moving to high-cost places, and probably the lower-wage people relocating to lower-cost places.

[Ho9] Well this is a pretty neat concept. The scaling of the pictures make them look more like sheds than houses, which makes it harder to visualize.

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Morning Ed: Labor {2017.10.16.M}( 27 )

[Lb1] How to retain good employees.

[Lb2] It’s not new but one of those things worthy of periodic mention: Rush hour commutes are bad for you.

[Lb3] An alleged mass-movement in Minnesota to de-unionize.

[Lb4] Robert Glazer looks at employee departures and how to handle employee fit\ in addition to the skills and experience they bring to the table.

[Lb5] IBM is apparently putting down a lot of roots in India.

[Lb6] On the relationship between automation and labor, the history is the history but it’s still uncertain where things will go from here.

[Lb7] More men are becoming nurses, but are otherwise still avoiding “girl jobs“.

[Lb8] The age-old question of who should control the means of production. Some folks have been looking at importing the Japanese model (calling it Single Payer because apparently Everything Is), and they actually require this sort of thing. I’m not sold either way.

[Lb9] Macron has his chance to be Reagan as the air traffic controllers of France are striking.

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Morning Ed: World {2017.10.13.F}( 88 )

[Ed Note: We had a storm come through and it wiped out my Internet connection, so my connectivity is almost limited to my phone. Unfortunately, my data plan is being stretched this month and so I have to be really careful. I’m not completely without Internet, but websites all time out and pretty much all I can do is Email and Twitter.]

[Wo1] Patrick Spencer writes about how devolution can unlock productivity in Britain.

[Wo2] A look at the ways that Italy has avoided Islamic terrorism.

[Wo3] This strikes me as both ridiculous and something the GOP may need to consider if it ever gets past the current drunken bender.

[Wo5] The United Nations actually isn’t very popular, it seems.

[Wo6] This doesn’t do much to disabuse me of the notion that Bloc Quebec have a lot in common with late Southern Democrats.

[Wo7] It’s like a dike… but for an avalanche.

[Wo8] Watch the creation of a hand made globe.

[Wo9] A different way to map the world.

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Morning Ed: Hodgepodge {2017.10.12.Th}( 77 )

[Hp1] Use labels. It helps.

[Hp2] Teens are growing up so slowly! But that’s not such a bad thing.

[Hp3] Holy crap, these are awesome.

[Hp4] Instead of learning a language, maybe you should learn a dialect.

[Hp5] The Economist looks at claustrophobia.

[Hp6] “Black lives matter”… accidentally.

[Hp7] Robert VerBruggen says that everybody was wrong on the Monty Hall (RIP) problem.

[Hp8] I see a lot of comparisons to the sex robots and pornography, and a lot of impulses to come to different conclusions as to whether or not they might reduce sex crimes. It seems to me the same mechanisms should mostly work for both or neither.

[Hp9] There are priors and there are priors, but there are always priors.

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Morning Ed: Media {2017.10.11.W}( 115 )

[Me1] This will end badly.

[Me2] How the failure of Mic’s pivot to video may save journalism.

[Me3] Violent Times Will Come

[Me4] The Onion’s editor-in-chief quit.

[Me5] Hey media, just because people are criticizing you doesn’t mean you’re doing a good job. This is a huge thing in vaping media, where shoddy pieces result in a lot of pushback results in a lot of journalists smugly declaring that they’re pissing off the tobacco companies (which, they assume, we’re all astroturfed agents for).

[Me6] Google and Facebook are probably going to rue the day they decided to call themselves (or let themselves be called) news platforms.

[Me7] Rumors that congress was about to lift restrictions on gun silencers were perhaps overstated by the media.

[Me8] The broader strokes of the Buzzfeed revelations of Milo and Bannon shouldn’t be surprising, but there have been ramifications.

[Me9] Mark Mooney’s last byline.

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Morning Ed: Immigration {2017.10.09.M}( 42 )

[Im1] The history of the southern invasion of Washington DC.

[Im2] Tom Petty once explained his complicated history with the Confederate Flag.

[Im3] With regard to refugees and immigration, America has always been different and will do just fine, according to Musings on the Right.

[Im4] Eren Orbey on names and assimilation, with a personal story to tell.

[Im5] Suddenly, Canada is having to concern itself with more inflow interest from the United States than outflow.

[Im6] France is chartering planes to deport people.

[Im7] Americans considered Zia Haider Rahman, British, while Brits considered him Bangladeshi.

[Im8] Emina Melonic writes of life as a Cold War refugee in America.

[Im9] The demands of black students of Cornell include, among other things, that they stop being lumped together with immigrant blacks. (PDF)

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Linky Friday: Women on Mars( 151 )


[Ge1] Stealing porn is anti-feminist.

[Ge2] NASA considered making Mars a women-only affair.

[Ge3] Globally, the perception persists that femininity is inferior.

[Ge4] Neuroticism isn’t good for your career if you’re a man… bad it’s worse if you’re a woman. {Edited}

[Ge5] Helen Pluckrose writes of intersectional feminism’s west-centric problem.

[Ge6] This strikes me as accurate and involving a lot more than gender: Television will always reflect the demographics (race, gender, religious, economic, political) of its creators.

[Ge7] Things in Honduras are bad, especially if you’re a woman.


Cosmic Rays photo

Image by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

[Sp1] Planetary Protection Officer is a bad-ass job title.

[Sp2] At some point we’re going to have to stop calling planets within habitable range from the sun “habitable” because there are getting to be so many.

[Sp3] Invasion of the black holes! And… black planets?

[Sp4] We got some stuff wrong about Mars, it looks like.

[Sp5] This is a superhero origin story.

[Sp6] Australia has a national space agency! Also, work between Russia and NASA.


video game photo

Image by TedsBlog

[Ga1] Erik Kain thinks Nintendo is making a mistake by releasing more “classic” units, but Paul Tassi seems excited about it.

[Ga2] Video games save lives! Or, at least, a European girl’s life.

[Ga3] There are intricate board games, and there are intricate board games.

[Ga4] For one of my birthdays my wife got me a t-shirt that says “You have died of dysentery.” This is unrelated to her profession, and entirely related to my subgeneration.

[Ga5] Wearing the right jersey netted a Kaepernick fan an Xbox.


[Re1] She’s ideologically commmitted to polyamory, but can’t find others of quality.

[Re2] Speaking from experience, motivated ambiguity is definitely a thing.

[Re3] A Pygmalion Project of a different sort.

[Re4] “Once you have cheated on a partner, you more statistically likely in the aggregate to cheat on future partners” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

[Re5] Bethany Mandel is correct here, though male or female it’s always tricky to walk that line between laying out expectations and chasing the away.

[Re6] Well, you take victories where you can find them, I suppose.


[He1] If your criteria for “healthy” and “unhealthy” countries puts Subsaharan Africa ahead of Europe, North America, and Japan… maybe you’re doing it wrong?

[He2] A condition by another name… is treated differently, actually.

[He3] Morning people are the worst. Especially when they thrive.

[He4] Is there any area of health science where we do less with more information than when it comes to sleep? Individually and socially, we just don’t care.

[He5] Nearly 20% of neurosurgeons report a malpractice claim any given year. Which means that either the average neurosurgeon gets a claim every one in five, or some are being sued a lot. My wife has gotten a couple of lawyer-contacts, but no claims yet. Even though delivering babies has been between 5-33% of her job, both contacts involved that.

[He6] Many rural places, such as in Kansas, are losing obstetrical care due to decreasing funds and population. This was something that Medicaid was supposed to help with, but it’s a long-term concern. {More}

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Morning Ed: Animals {2017.10.05.Th}( 12 )

[An1] Atlas Obscura looks at sea silk.

[An2] Gender-segregated dog parks? (Needs to be viewed in Chrome or something that can translate it for you)

[An3] The sea harbors many scary creatures.

[An4] Peppa Pig is global phenomenon, which has caused some issues involving (eek) spiders.

[An5] It seems to me that the shellfish should have thought of that before they decided not to evolve into a tool-wielding species.

[An6] It’s one thing for a bank to be overtaken by rodents, but masked ones have to make them especially nervous.

[An7] Eventually, dogs will be allowed everywhere.

[An8] For such a slow animal, this tortiose sure got around. The seeming grin on the picture is just priceless.

[An9] Boom-shakalaka-boom-shakalaka-meow.

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Morning Ed: Politics {2017.10.04.W}( 77 )

[Po1] Are liberal think-tanks being compromised by big dollars?

[Po2] #BanPrimaries

[Po3] This… kind of makes sense? The government owns some prime real estate here.

[Po4] Jeffrey Friedman on trying to approach politics technocratically.

[Po5] Keith Stanovich approaches the evergreen question of Trump voter rationality.

[Po6] Molly Roberts comes to Dr Seuss’s defense. I have previously written about problematic Seuss.

[Po7] Jameson Quinn presents a new plan to solve gerrymandering.

[Po8] It was written in 2008, but this Roland Dodds piece about the schisms of early American socialism is really interesting.

[Po9] I definitely need to go back and watch The Candidate. I was too young to appreciate it when I saw it the first time.

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Morning Ed: Law & Order {2017.10.03.Tu}( 29 )

[LO1] There’s needing a beer buddy, and then there’s this.

[LO2] Nothing good ever comes of clowns.

[LO3] Jonathan Coppage and Jarrett Dieterie want more liberal open-container laws. I think most of them (at least the ones that don’t involve automobiles and maybe even those) are actually pretty hard to justify.

[LO4] So why are Swiss flushing money down the toilets?

[LO5] The intersection between disabilities and incarceration. Also,doing away with visits entirely.

[LO6] In Denmark: DNA Registry > Huge Increase In Marriage > Reduced Recidivism (PDF)

[LO7] There are a lot of problems with this, so it’s hard to know where to begin.

[LO8] Anti-Muslim graffiti (“No more muslims”) in Ontario can net you five months in jail.

[LO9] Deputies lied, the county paid.


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Morning Ed: World {2017.10.02.M}( 92 )

[Wo1] Macron continues his assaults on French traditions.

[Wo2] Introducing democratic dictatorships. But not really.

[Wo3] International aid may not only be failing, but may be making things worse.

[Wo4] What’s going on with Europe’s Social Democrats? Europe shifting center right and the US shifting center left represent a sense of convergence, when you think about it.

[Wo5] As interesting (or more) counterfactual than the South winning the Civil War is the Guadalupe-Hidalgo treaty being signed and Mexican land being taken up and down. I thought about that when I read this piece about the idea of merging the US and Mexico.

[Wo6] One does not expect a naval battle in Congo.

[Wo7] The Carolinas split because, among other things, the rice farmers of South Carolina just couldn’t live with the tobacco farmers in North Carolina. In China, there is a split between rice growers and wheat growers in terms of sexual liberation.

[Wo8] The caste system and fears in impurity are having unforeseen and deadly consequences. And here’s another article on India and cleanliness.

[Wo9] Volcanoes under the ice in Antarctica.

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Linky Friday: Take, Eat, Drink, And Pray( 46 )


taco bell photo

Image by compujeramey

[Fo1] You know what doesn’t know when it’s being eaten? Meat. Because it’s already dead.

[Fo2] Chick-fil-A vs Moe’s Original Bar B Que

[Fo3] Trix is going artificial again.

[Fo4] Now this is a way to get people’s attention on climate change.

[Fo5] More food, less good stuff: The atmosphere is depriving our food of nutrients.

[Fo6] Confused on the concept, it seems to me. Though, really, I can sort of relate. I have the weirdest 3am chocolate cravings and I’m not really even a chocolate guy.

[Fo7] Meatless meatball sub? Sign me up!


Image by paulswansen

[Dk1] The government almost killed the cocktail.

[Dk2] Rebbie talks about the complicated relationship between Mormons and coffee. One of the things about Deseret is that while the saints are saints, the sinners just congregate around sin. So there were plenty of coffee shops and some of the best smoking docks I’ve ever seen.

[Dk3] Relatedly: Big news at BYU! Caffeinated drinks that aren’t coffee aren’t that problematic. My very Mormon employer even had a coke machine. So I’m actually a bit surprised that it’s taken this long.

[Dk4] More food and drink should come in skull and crossbones packaging.

[Dk5] But why?


Photo by sathish_artisanz

[Do1] The case for psychedelic therapy. My wife was mentioning some promising stuff about this earlier today.

[Do2] Robert Centor is tired of all this talk about productivity in medicine.

[Do3] Dana Corriel wants people to stop blaming doctors for the opioid epidemic.

[Do4] Physicians think about 20% of care is unnecessary. This doesn’t mean that 20% of medical costs are unnecessary, as a lot of “doing something to do something” centers on the least expensive available option. But interesting all the same.

[Do5] Doctors disproportionately see patients when they are sick, but need to remember sick is not who they always are.

[Do6] Wow, there is no job that can’t be automated. Doctors, to a point. Even deathwhisperers!

[Do7] Wow.


plague photo

Image by burnbless

[Me1] Spotted Toad looks at opioid and anti-depressant use in the US.

[Me2] Will iQOS be the next big thing after vaping? They’d better hurry up before Democrats get the White House again.

[Me3] Chris Reed explains when and how public health took its turn towards activism. What’s disconcerts is not that public health advocates are taking sides, but that Science is following closely behind.

[Me4] Doom.

[Me5] How a letter in 1980 convinced the medical community not to worry about addiction to opioids.

[Me6] If smokers and drinkers actually save taxpayers money, does anybody’s mind actually change?


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[Re1] Praise for the Sikhs, from Breitbart.

[Re2] It’s possible that in the aftermath of Harvey, we were a little too judgmental towards Joel Osteen.

[Re3] Mark Koyama argues that religion owes its freedom to government.

[Re4] Saumya Arya Haas gives an introduction to voodoo, and says it’s misunderstood.

[Re5] Peter Adamson investigates the philosophy of Islamic theologians.

[Re6] Matthew Walther doesn’t want to be a grandparent.

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Morning Ed: United States {2017.06.28.Th}( 114 )

[PR1] Becket Adams takes issue with the media’s desire to quickly label Maria as “Trump’s Katrina.”

[PR2] Contrary to early reports, aid managed to move in relatively quickly after the storm. Given his fixation with NFL issues, one suspects this might have been despite President Trump rather than because of him.

[PR3] Getting aid to the general vicinity of the island doesn’t appear to be a problem, but getting it on the island and moved throughout the island is really tough.

[PR4] Photos of the ruins. And accounts.

[PR5] Tyler Cowen proclaims Puerto Rico’s American Dream as dead. I decided pretty early on that the end result of this will probably be statehood, and probably not optimally. It seems likely to the point that I think rebuilding should occur with it in mind. That said, I think Cowen’s argument that statehood would have economically saved it may take for granted a degree of integration that might not have occurred due to language issues.

[VI1] If we do bring Puerto Rico in as a state, I hope we can affix the Virgin Islands to it.

[VI2] Cruiselines are lending a hand.

[US1] Conor Sen argues that Amazon portends a broadening of the tech sector to more places. Lyman Stone says that all the candidates are bad, though.

[US2] There was a reason Los Angeles had no football teams. More than one person told me that the one former LA team that didn’t move back to LA is the only LA team that could have prospered. I am back to thinking they should have put a team in the Inland Empire.

[US3] My wife saw this on the Indian reservation. The local KFC would staff accordingly.

[US4] Well, this isn’t good. And neither is this.

[US5] Rob Walker writes how the recent debate over the Confederate Flag might impact the Gadsden Flag.

[US6] Bank of America is pulling out of ruralia. (This is not a good thought, but the fact that they couldn’t find three more to close makes me twitch.

[US7] Something rotten in Kansas, and it’s not the Iraqi-American family.

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