The Donald isn’t Teflon- we’re just doing it wrong

A billionaire real estate developer might make for an odd working class political (anti-)hero, but he has always projected the over the top caricature of what a working stiff might think being rich would be like. And his outer borough accent conveys a disarming familiarity that impossible to fake.

So how do you chip away at this rapport? You start by shattering the illusion that Trump is a friend of the little guy. To his credit, Trump possesses an uncanny ability to perceive, identify, and harness the wants and needs of the average Joe. The problem is that Trump takes this unique insight into the middle class and exploits it for his own gain.

And They’re Off!

A snapshot of a crowded campaign, taken right as the gate opens.

Run, Mitt, Run!

Mitt Romney is considering running again in 2016. Herewith a little history lesson. Three men have lost their first election as their party’s presidential nominee, then gone on to get their party’s nomination again:*# Democrats William Jennings Bryan (1896, 1900, and 1908), and Adlai Stevenson II (1952, 1956), and Republican Thomas Dewey (1944, 1948). Each…

New Column at The New Republic

Forgive me the hiatus in posting. I’ve been parenting (and writing a fair amount). Saw Tod (et al) at Leaguefest and he (et al) encouraged me to share links here to my work elsewhere, so…here goes! I’ve just published a column for The New Republic on how the Democratic Party is about to dramatically shift its…

Thursday Night Bar Fight #7: All Hail the Chief!

Good news, everyone! Finally admitting to ineptitude and corruption, each of the two major political parties is throwing in the towel and admitting that as a general rule they’re really terrible at picking candidates.  Seeing no other reasonable and realistic alternative, each has approached the League to choose its 2016 nominees for President and Vice…