Insecure philosophers, ctd.

by Rose Woodhouse on April 7, 2012

Apropos of my earlier post on whether philosophy should be a science, Gawker has a solution!

We are solving this entire problem, by revealing the exact order of all academic fields of study, ranked by how real they are. (Completely fake fields of study have been left off the list.) What makes one field more “real” than another? Don’t act like you don’t know. Come on.

Love it. We come off pretty good! Psych gets a little bit of a bad rap, though. That can totally be real.

Rose Woodhouse
Rose Woodhouse is an adjunct professor of philosophy, and is thus one of the most useful people in the world. She is also an obsessive gardener, passionate lover of television, and mom to three kids, one of whom has disabilities.


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