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+ Just like how knowing that the world was round was important for being a sailor or how to make alcoholic beverages without understanding the exact [. . .]

It's still an excellent answer.

+ @dragonfrog And to be extra-clear, even if they're *right*, I think the solution would be less fluoride in high-fluoride cities / more careful monitoring of [. . .]

The highest form of virtue signaling is calling other peoples issues "virtue signaling."

+ Well, let's face it, in person meeting/hooking up/relationship forming was fraught for LGBTQ people in a manner it wasn't for straight people and those difficulties [. . .]
+ @dragonfrog Nah, I screwed up by conflating it with the ones in China. Foolish me. This one is new in Mexico, 300 participants, and [. . .]
+ Bipartisan, absolutely, on the right primarily for religious reasons and on the left for purity of essence Gaia reasons... err so religious reasons again. But [. . .]
+ (Missed the edit cutoff - Canada's maximum permitted fluoride level is 1.5 ppm, below the bottom of the study's "high" fluoride group, but above the [. . .]

OMG, how did I forget nuclear power? I love nuclear power too. Good catch BB.

+ OK, let's have a contest and find a non-sexist synonym for the phenomenon now described as "clutching pearls." Because it is a phenomenon and it [. . .]
veronica d
+ @maribou -- Thanks. I have google money, so that's not the issue. It's logistics and social networks and housing and personalities and all of that. She's [. . .]
+ I dunno. I think it'd be more convenient for there to be a binary. As it is, we've just got sets of X and ~X, Y [. . .]
+ I just don’t see why I should particularly want my corner Taco Bellified. You shouldn't! If they want a version of the real thing that [. . .]
+ I have no trouble accepting that there is both a lower level of fluoridation below which dental health effects become more prevalent, and an upper [. . .]
+ @veronica-d Also if there is literally anything practical I can do to help with your partner's situation, please let me know here or email me [. . .]
+ Nothing anybody twits on twitter is admissible in my books. Let the twittery stay in twitspace. Anyhow, Douthat has all kinds of foibles, sure, that's [. . .]
+ After my edit window had expired, I was indeed thinking about the gray area this way: Never tempt people with enough money and/or lawyers on [. . .]

Thanks. I'm past "heartbroken", but still smack in the middle of "a monastery doesn't sound so bad".

I'm assuming that will pass, too.

+ You are allowed to ask all those things and to talk about why you think it's important. In fact I actively *encourage* you to [. . .]
+ There was a girl at my high school who was asked to the homecoming dance by my best friend and another guy. She literally chose [. . .]
+ This is me speculating wildly about a subject I know virtually. nothing about because Internet, but I always wonder if people read too much into [. . .]
+ There very much are. Might first C class was done right. The man started with "I am going to harp on, every time this comes [. . .]

@murali I think you underestimate yourself.

Oscar Gordon

There is a utility in doing it just in pseudo-code, but you lose out on the sense of accomplishment in making your program actually work.

+ Sorry to hear you may be re-entering the dating world, but if you're tall that may help. Note, it helps most with girls who are [. . .]
veronica d
+ @maribou -- I react to Dennis the same way I react to Caitlyn Jenner when she cozies up to the right wing. Which is to [. . .]
+ @michael-cain Not in my professional opinion as a librarian, all of the good case law says that linking is never illegal. But IANAL and @burt-likko may [. . .]
+ I dunno. There's real space between "not my physical ideal"[1] and "there's just no attraction" there. [1] FWIW, clothes, hairstyle, and bearing seem to be the [. . .]
+ @leeesq @richard-hershberger From the experience of female friends I've known, Lee is pretty square on about the swing dancing scene. I don't think it's [. . .]
+ Projectile motion is like three days of an intro to physics class, and people have trouble with combining trigonometry with quadratic equations, not understanding [. . .]
+ Its arranged, not forced. Our parents knew each other. In particular her mother's eldest sister happened to be married to my father's youngest brother. She still [. . .]
+ Is the height thing merely cultural? There have been enough studies to show that taller men tend to do statistically better than shorter men in [. . .]
+ Oh, Jay and I were friends online for ... 4 years? Before the thought of dating ever even crossed my mind. I was just [. . .]
+ Attractiveness criteria can be weird. Scent can be one -- I mean way back in the hindbrain. I don't mean "cologne" or "perfume" (although that [. . .]
+ The dance scene is great -- if you like dance. Because you had something in common with the people you met. Same for the gym, rock [. . .]
+ Fair enough, you can decide who your enemies are. And I was wrong to phrase my objection that way. if it were me, though, [. . .]
+ Politics was always in entertainment! It's just invisible when it's your politics. Murphy Brown was political, despite the fact that single motherhood wasn't exactly unknown. But that [. . .]
+ There is socialization beyond dancing. People having side conservations while taking a break or going out for dinner at times like at weekend long events [. . .]
Saul Degraw
+ I do think Richard is on to something here. I met my girlfriend online. Our first date was nearly three years ago. I am not her physical [. . .]
+ @pillsy I don't think it's "sacrifices to accommodate them" so much as "get inside their heads so our interventions are more effective than they [. . .]
veronica d
+ @maribou -- I'll decide who my enemies are. Honestly, the whole "keep your ugly politics [meaning my human dignity] out of my pleasant awards show" [. . .]
+ @richard-hershberger Oh sure. I'm just saying, in non-online life, many women aren't insisting on a physical ideal, they're just so inculcated culturally about height [. . .]
+ [Re1] "There are broader lessons here: Why not-hot men should probably just skip Tinder" *cough* straight men *cough* :D. Sorry, couldn't resist teasing. [. . .]
+ It is interesting because I couldn't have read him more differently. But my Jaybird Translator tends not to work well. Thing is... I don't see [. . .]
+ From a U.S. perspective, the states are sovereigns with original power that is not delegated from the national government. Well, for 13 of them, plus or [. . .]
Richard Hershberger
+ Yet how many married people have partners that match their physical ideal? I'm sure there are some--perhaps many--people who insist on their physical ideal [. . .]
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