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Linky Friday: Godly Pursuits
“War for the Planet of the Apes” Movie Review
Should Random Non-political Thing be Politicized?
Little Red CoreDEBT

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Kudos for your non ironic use of "girlfriend in a coma."

+ A couple of things. Amazon Prime and Wal-Mart killed the whole "go to a store to buy a new pair of pants, sneakers, the new Stephen [. . .]
+ I'm not a huge fan of the original series, though I'd like to re-visit the very first one. (I do love Rod Serling.) I think [. . .]
+ Went and saw The Big Sick with my wife; we both agreed it was a nice first effort by the couple as writers but would [. . .]
+ Once Caesar gets to the human base, some of the elements did feel a little familiar, like the Apocalypse Now parallels you point out. For [. . .]

Yes indeed. In today's climate, it feels like a minor miracle that this new series turned out as well as it did.


Good link... some nuggets in there worth chewing on.

Wait, Malls are dying in america? Why? What have they been replaced with? Where do kids hang out nowadays?

Les Cargill
+ The original series was fairly cheezy, but it's among the last things was got from Rod Serling. It was great drive-in fodder. It's part of [. . .]
+ I remember thinking at the time, however, that it would have worked better if he had framed the issue as “objective” vs. “ideological.” I see the [. . .]
+ I read it a while ago (but haven't read the comments). I remember thinking at the time, however, that it would have worked better if [. . .]
+ I just kinda looked at the ground and brushed past them; some people engaged them, some people just said “no” and left it at [. . .]
+ Maybe I’m the weird one, but do we really smirk at food courts? I see their “demise” primarily linked to the demise of malls, which [. . .]

Yes, Section IV.

If you have the stomach for 1900 comments, the dynamic also shows up in around 1200 of them.


Thats only because the Church of England wanted to get rid of the prayer for the re-election of the local MP.


See section IV for where it's spelled out.


What is it's relevance to this conversation?

+ The Good Place is (like Lucien) a show that focus on morality, on what is the right thing, and how to live a "good life". I'm [. . .]
+ There's a show that has real people being religious, aiming, but sometimes not meeting, to fulfill the requirements of their -real- faith. The Real O'Neals Somehow I [. . .]
Zac Black
+ I saw this last Friday night and I thought it was good; not great, but good. It felt like a mashup of old westerns and [. . .]
aaron david

It is always good to get away from your life and visit old friends. And people too!

I haven't seen any of this series yet, but it's on my radar.

+ Actually I checked a couple of dealer sites near me and they listed cars for 20599 in the Cruze LS model, 21599 for the LT [. . .]
aaron david

And SF's Ferry Building is seemingly going the same way, as a quick perusal of their website suggests.

+ Even though it's going to be DEATH HOT, a friend of mine (who lives about 5 hours away) and I are meeting up at a [. . .]
+ I was watching the first part, with the helicopter, and was like, "Meh, that's not so scary" and then I got to about 1:15 and [. . .]
+ Yeah, I used to do allergy shots and I remember the drag of having to wait 20 minutes to be sure there was no reaction. [. . .]
+ JPII only went after Liberation Theologists and other Marxists, and there were always very few of those in the USA. Bob Casey Sr, for instance, was [. . .]
+ Ah, the naloxone kits they're giving out here (or at least, the one in my backpack) are not in any way automatic. They consist [. . .]
+ A fun conspiracy theory for you for the weekend. Open up Firefox (this won't work if you're using IE). Go to Google Sky. See at the bottom where [. . .]
+ The only reason my allergist let us get away with pre-filled syringes (for those doing allergy shots -- you know, the folks who weren't at [. . .]

Yep. It's terrifying. Mine has worked out reasonably well. Others I know, not so much.

+ The milestone I most recently reached: exercising without friends but not cheating. We jog after work every day. I do the thing where I jog a [. . .]
+ @richard-hershberger The Pre-Christian Roman Church also makes for some good examples too. Priesthoods were political appointments, Julius Caesar was appointed Pontifex Maximus (basically the precursor [. . .]
+ a video game based on an anime story? Is it on PC? [enlightenment peeks into view] Do you kill things in it? I'm sorry to [. . .]
+ I too have joined a gym and must repress my self-doubt at fellow gymgoers whose physiques are of superior quality to my own. I tell [. . .]

That is the scariest movie I've seen all week

+ I think there's also a non-zero probability that someone who is not the patient may wind up doing the injecting. I would not like it [. . .]
+ Mine has to last 12 more years for me to hit retirement age; seventeen if I want to retire and rely on Medicare (if it [. . .]

9 days left!

When do we switch from "any day now" to "any moment now"?


Dude! it's a video game. A visual novel, to be precise.
You don't play video games??
*yes, it's translated.

Miss Mary
+ Look at you! Go, JB!!! Hopefully I will be having this baby this weekend. I'm so done being pregnant, even though I technically have 9 days [. . .]
+ Yeah, that's probably the way this will probably play out. The lower-SES colleges will get screwed over double for every little thing taken away from [. . .]
+ I'm sorry to hear that... But to understand why, you’d have to play School Days. ...and now it seems you have burdened me with a life [. . .]

That's the second time you've made that accusation on this thread, and I don't think it stands up to scrutiny.

Richard Hershberger
+ This. By way of background, I have a relative who would, during the previous papacy, refuse to contribute to "Peter's pence," instead putting in [. . .]
+ I know for stuff like Epipens, the auto-injector is there for a reason -- it's normally needed in an emergency, and the idea is a [. . .]
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