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knowing when to get out of the way
Getting Our Priorities in Order
I, troll
Economic Interventionism
calling bullshit on bullshit
Opportunity, Society, and the Role of the State
Falsifying the Unfalsifiable

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+ Actually, Ed, it's you who seems to be up past bedtime, as I don't see anything in Dan's comments that warrant YOUR vitriol. Personally, I [. . .]
+ Roque: In the case of Israel, the issue of terrorism and/or Islamism is definitely an existential threat, or at the very minimum is justifiably perceived as [. . .]
+ Hmmm, I'm not sure the two are as clearly linked as that. Alan's point, such as I took it, had less to do with conduct [. . .]
+ Scott: Are you working on the article I suggested to you? That would be one way to get people to start working for that change. [. . .]
+ But for many of us, including many people like myself who were directly affected by 9/11, a few years of reflection led to the [. . .]
+ Gene, I would tend to agree with you. Alan might be correct in saying that blogging doesn't currently do long form, in depth discussion well, [. . .]
+ Oh, yeah, societies evolve. Look at Rome and its implosion. That was evolution. And some species evolve to the point of extinction. [. . .]
+ [...] Protectionism Looks Like Jump to Comments Having re-read E.D. Kain’s original post on economic nationalism, I’m struck by the disconnect between his (laudable) concern [. . .]
+ Dan The content on here was pretty civil til you chirped in. I want examples in nature of two animals engaging in full blown gay [. . .]
Chris Dierkes


Excellent. I will gladly join that donnybrook whence it commences. In the meantime I will be getting my e-fisticuffs ready for action.

+ I think the Internet can be/is many things and that it is futile to try to box it into whatever suits one's fancy. Andrew is [. . .]
Jeremy Noble
+ Amazing how effective it can be when someone presents a nugget of whoop-de-doo wisdom ("hard work is very, very, very useful stuff") and stirringly [. . .]

And yet here you are, writing about me.

I couldn't have said it better myself:
a half-baked ruminator…a simple troll…cold…arrogant…dismissive…a shrill partisan

Thanks for being so honest!

+ Philip, I think the point is that there are reasons beyond individual choices for the situations in which we find ourselves. A cycle of poor [. . .]
+ Bob said: Andrew S. provides another link of questionable value, “What Was So Wrong With Renting, People?” Andrew links to a Will Wilkinson post at The [. . .]
+ well gents theorize all you want but I too am unimpressed by a white educated good looking single man well parented with good boundaries and [. . .]
+ [...] a comment » Over at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, E.D. Kain has a good post on the morality and efficacy (or lack [. . .]

Make that homosexual or gay Americans, not same-sex Americans. I guess it's past my bedtime.

+ In case anyone is still here, I wonder how Ed's opinion is changing, if it is at all. He sounds like an intelligent guy who [. . .]

I'm going to start a series on protectionism very soon, so be ready for some econo-brawls in the near future....

+ [...] Jump to Comments An off-hand comment I left over at the League provoked this blast from Daniel Larison: Quite clearly, the difference is [. . .]
Victor Vacendak
+ William Shatner said it all in that Pulp song he covered: Rent a flat above a shop, cut your hair and get a job Smoke some [. . .]
+ I'm surprised that in this entire thread, no one has brought up immigration. Poor people want to come here for a reason. While [. . .]
+ I have an observation and a question: Noting that the Gini coefficient has gone up in the past x years does not mean that the poorest [. . .]
+ A single black mother from Hartford with two children, no high school diploma, an alcohol addiction and no background of being properly parented is going [. . .]
Take the KASH

Freddie, two words - situational ethics.

Take the KASH
+ Will, you write, "It’s interesting you use Gaza as an example, because the central point of many of Israel’s critics is that intent is a [. . .]
+ GradStudent: your calculus leaves aside the (distortionary) taxes the representative full-time Walmart employee would have to cough up to fund further smoothing of the [. . .]
+ What Ehrenreich might mention, actually, is that paid trainings or not, the average Wal-Mart employee makes $10/hour, according to the company’s CEO. Hmm, let [. . .]
+ Sullivan can be a bright perceptive guy when he's not in thrall to his Big Daddy ideology. He's been cackling over the antiquity of print [. . .]
+ It's interesting you use Gaza as an example, because the central point of many of Israel's critics is that intent is a lot less important [. . .]
+ I'm in favor of protectionism. I think that a healthy economy is one that does more than maximize it's best product. Engineering is [. . .]
+ dominic: yes, indeed $10 is a fair share given that there are more bodies than spots at that wage. Economics really is that [. . .]
+ points well taken. One possible response: we interact with different kinds of people on the internet that we wouldn't normally know IRL. I'm not convinced [. . .]
Take the KASH
+ The main thrust of E.D.'s post seems to hing on the rightness of collective punishment as a foreign policy tool. I'm with E.D. on [. . .]
Tim Harris
+ Oy vey. People who hop evasively between the literal and the metaphorical without even realising what they are doing. In at least one great religion [. . .]
E.D. Kain
+ Will-- If you oppose punitive tariffs because they hurt foreign populations, shouldn’t you oppose protective tariffs for the exact same reason? No, because the one bolsters [. . .]
+ I don't think anyone is arguing the status quo is entirely free of trade restrictions. My point is simply that domestic protectionism - whether the [. . .]
+ I don't think anyone is saying that there aren't a bunch of protectionist trade restrictions around the globe, only that we don't think those restrictions [. . .]
+ The discussion so far tacitly assumes that alcoholism, personality "defects," mental illness, etc., are somehow chosen by the individual, affect only the individual, and can [. . .]
+ There's an issue not even being addressed here. Wal-Mart makes a TON of money. How much of that money is being generated by [. . .]
at all costs

awww... poor people have it tough. Who cares? the world is overpopulated anyhow.

E.D. Kain
+ Actually, trade restrictions exist in abundance all across the globe. The notion that there is actually a restriction-free global economy is simply not true. [. . .]
+ Trade restrictions have the exact same effect on foreign populations regardless of your preferred political justification. So what's the substantive difference between vindictiveness and economic [. . .]
Philip Primeau
+ I'm not trolling (I think Freddie, etc. know that much), and I'm not coming from the right, left, center, whatever. I'm coming from a long [. . .]
+ Will: I totally understand. This subject is probably the single most maddening subject for me to get a hold of, if only because [. . .]