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atheism and monsters
not everyone who says he’s your friend is your friend
Sunday Poem
incoherent blockbusters and the Dark Knight
compromising yourself into the discussion
Emerging From the Hedged Roe

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+ Freddie, I'm replying to your original post, not the long string of comments in between. I've used things like the FSM (though I [. . .]
Joe S.
+ Most atheists believe that evolution is a common process and that there is nothing special about the existence of humankind. Thus, given a universe [. . .]

I know jesus loves me, because he give me head every night.

+ I think you are misinterpreting the role of the FSM. It was brought about as way to bring attention to the fact that School [. . .]
Mike Cagle
+ Interesting post and comments (which I found from a link on Andrew Sullivan's blog). I'm a non-religious person who believes in treating others with respect [. . .]
Free Barabbas
+ I was just at holiday gathering and some cousins were playing some sort of spirit animal/tarotish card game - where you get your personality profiled [. . .]
+ Homosapiens sapiens is hardwired for superstitionalism, and for religious behavior, and the hardwiring was laid down in the EEA (environment of evolutionary advantage). I think the [. . .]
+ [...] way that Freddie chose is one option, but I quote him back to himself talking about the approach of aggressive atheists, You don’t argue [. . .]

(Darn it - there's no way of editing a spelling error!)

Carolyn Ann

+ "I just can’t quite wrap my head around what, exactly, a film like Religulous is supposed to accomplish, besides box office success. Maher and his [. . .]
Matt C
+ I think atheism lacks a natural "mission," unlike the Abrahamic religion - particularly Christianity. Where would Christians be today with St. Paul? Religious people have [. . .]
+ There's more atheists, now, than Jews. Are we supposed to believe that's in spite of a modern, outspoken ethic of atheism? Please. Keeping our heads [. . .]
+ Going back to the original article which started this thread .... It is overstating it that many atheists are insufficiently respectful. Most athiests simply [. . .]
+ The Flying Spaghetti Monster is introduced as a way of showing that anybody can invent anything as having godlike powers. The true trick is getting [. . .]

[...] DeBoer calls into question the approaches of “aggressive atheists”: I think the temptation among aggressive [...]

+ FSM is supposed to be funny. As an atheist with a sense of humor, I do think it's funny. Atheists concerned with "converting" anyone [. . .]

[...] see a lesser exampleat the League of Ordinary Gentlemen today, in which Freddie de Boer describes Robert Stacy McCain as [...]

Fo' mo' poems and prose and good times:




Helen you are blinkeredblinded onto the past.
Everything evolves.
Do you think a Bush will ever win again?
Jeb sure doesn't.

+ Rawr, Helen you should reject them out of hand. The Noble Yeoman is not capable of leading in teh Age of Complexity. They simply don't have the [. . .]
+ I'm as left as they come but I would never call Huckabee a hick. But calling Palin a hick is to give hicks a [. . .]
+ "Huckabee and Palin both fell victim to the fallacy that hicks can only ever appeal to other hicks. I’m an Ivy League punk, yet I [. . .]
+ What’re the right wing dolts going to do once Mr. Ordinary USA is a bilingual, second generation Hispanic-American living in some urban ethnic enclave? That [. . .]
+ A couple points. 1. What're the right wing dolts going to do once Mr. Ordinary USA is a bilingual, second generation Hispanic-American living in some urban [. . .]
+ While I enjoyed Ledger's performance, more than once he reminded me of Dana Carvey's Church Lady. In general, I agree w/ Freddie. While much of [. . .]
+ I already regret stepping into a fight where I have such affection for all the actors, but, Freddie, if you’re worried that our rational democratic [. . .]
+ Nope, Freddie, Robert Stacy McCain came by my respect honestly. He's the kind of smart you get by being a real reader who reads a [. . .]
+ Max thanks for your comments. You write, "I was under the impression that Yglesias’s failure to mention deficit spending was precisely the problem." [. . .]
+ Personally kip I preferred the idea of it ascending up to Heaven along with him, so that the two could be re-united. But let's not get [. . .]
+ I liked this very much, Freddie. Her position on party and loyalty threatens to leave her like the person who, out of loyalty, refuses to [. . .]
+ I think back to Helen's tribalism post, which is how I first read her. I think I said something like this. In the bad old days of [. . .]
+ Sometimes a little outrage in one's writing is appropriate. This is one of those times. Well said. I'd say that this whole [. . .]

[...] Comments Matt C on The Echo Chamber Rulesnot everyone who say… on The Echo Chamber Rules (I…Conor Friedersdorf on The Echo Chamber RulesAlan [...]

I'm pretty sure he wasn't joking, Robert Stacy. But props for trying to take it like a man.


Freddie you're being too kind once again. Why do you guys even respond to this overgrown troll?

"A tedious nothing"! Instant classic, Freddie. I owe you a beer for that one.

I considered that-- but how could Helen be opposed to "ivy league scribblers and feminism"?

+ Thanks, Freddie. You're right, of course. But ... I don't THINK that Helen's "Hear, hear" was meant for RSMcC - I assumed she was seconding the [. . .]

[...] Freddie suggests that part of the problem with modern atheism is that it seems like many (most?) prominent atheists [...]

+ You don't get the basic dichotomy, yet do you? The basis for small government is so that local churches can distribute welfare. Once we have [. . .]
+ Not just teh Stimulous. I think Nate gets it right. He was right about the 'lections, durr. Republican Deathspiral. Read my lips. What does any constituant want from their representatives? Powerless [. . .]
+ You say that now, but popular consensus on Republicans being obstructionists requires that the stimulus work -- something which no one can predict. Even though it's [. . .]
+ an even larger marjority of Americans (i.e., practically all of them) thinks that drawing the line at actual birth is a bad idea. Look.....I feel like [. . .]
+ pfft The Party of teh Stupid is now the demographic minority. The repubs have just provided us with an empirical demonstration that they are obstructionist, reactionary, and [. . .]
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