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Tech Tuesday – Ludicrous Lobster vs Jumbo Jellyfish Edition! – 01/16/18
Briefly, On The Making Of Lists
Dissecting the End of the World
The White House Mess
Morning Ed: Diversity {2018.01.15.M}
The Shipwreck of the S. S. Earnmoor

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+ Those are two labels for two subsets of "zero emissions" vehicles, I guess. Other than those, there would be anything that gets invented between now and [. . .]
Oscar Gordon
+ Ideally, family would somehow teach this sort of thing; but to be honest, at this point, I think we'd need something more formalized because I'm [. . .]
Oscar Gordon

Not sure why 'electric' or 'hydrogen fuel cell' isn't an adequate label.

+ While I'm always reluctant to say that any state has a well-thought-out long-term plan for something -- the structure of state government makes it difficult [. . .]

Oh, absolutely. I'm probably just being pedantic, and want them labeled as "zero local emissions vehicles" or something.

Oscar Gordon

Yeah, not much out there, a veritable desert... oh, wait...


Doh...poor man that's going to be in every trading video from here on out.

Oscar Gordon

I really do try for a little something for everyone. This week was kinda Bio heavy.

Oscar Gordon


Pish-posh! That's the civil engineers problem! ;-)

+ @leeesq I don't think anyone much *has* been teaching young men or young women the oppositely-gendered-by-society skills, I'll see you that far along the path. [. . .]
+ My ex recently relocated from the city where she and I used to live to a community much closer to Mojave. It saves her at [. . .]
Oscar Gordon
+ The point I think @michael-cain was trying to make is that if CA wants to go all electric on passenger vehicles in 22 years, they'd [. . .]
+ I don't believe that anybody really wants to teach young men these skills. Most probably think that these skills are unteachable to men at least. [. . .]
Oscar Gordon
+ I've been to the Mojave facility (they use our software for their CFD), it's pretty nice. Mojave does seem like the perfect place for [. . .]
+ Assuming that it's easier to make net-zero (or at least much lower net) carbon emission electricity than gasoline/diesel/[m]ethanol, then having the vehicles become "zero emission" [. . .]
+ Wind is also a big issue with these "vertical forest" ideas. Trees don't grow very well in the wind conditions generally prevalent in canyons [. . .]
veronica d
+ Very often software like this is customizable, with sets of menu options read from some list of customer-specified "actions", and thus just listed together without [. . .]
+ Thanks for linking to the Bio stuff, lots of interesting things in there - particularly Bio1. Anesthesia is so poorly understood and so freaking [. . .]

s/"overly friendly"/"overly aggressive" - that was a ... freudian slip, or maybe i was thinking about the best case rather than about Ansari.

+ @leeesq I keep trying to explain my perspective on this to you and failing, but maybe this time it will make more sense: If the scrupulous [. . .]

@maribou The comments can continue. I'll simply bow out.

Oscar Gordon

Looks like damn near every government intranet site I've had to navigate for Navy/VA benefits, etc.

+ Because in both cases, you end up helping the people you didn't intend to help. With self-defense classes, women are going to experience a man [. . .]

Oooh, thank you. The gui is something I've been wondering about...

Ugh, that gui is bowling-shoe ugly.


here's an article with screen caps of the gui.

Japan had a Snafu of their own

Eta and this is relevant


Human behavior, specifically male behavior when accused of doing something untoward by a female.

Chip Daniels
+ Good points all. The idea of high rises with planters is a terrific idea, but historically has been expensive for all the reasons you list. Modern technology [. . .]
+ @sam-wilkinson I understand your frustrations on these counts, believe me. I literally grew up being expected to swallow them every day, at home, in [. . .]

@damon And, somehow, Karate Class is related to this

+ @maribou Considering that this thread seems to have devolved into some commenters looking for ways to continue blaming women for the things that happen to [. . .]
+ I was referencing Lee's comments above where he said "Many men aren’t going to take the risk, especially if they are scrupulous in their behavior." [. . .]
+ Well, except for holding a _press conference_ to announce a lack of referring charges, and to complain about the apparently legal behavior of someone, [. . .]
+ @sam-wilkinson There is also absolutely no widely available history of men who aren't white being hurt for supposedly violating white women's consent, irrespective of the [. . .]
Chris Walton
+ ARCH1 is a pretty nifty idea but it raises some serious maintenance and engineering concerns. The planters will probably require irrigation systems because they'll be [. . .]
+ AERO5 - Congratulations to my ex-wife and the rest of her team. Hopefully, things are in good shape as they test their rockets. After the [. . .]

@damon I literally have no idea what you're talking about.

@j-r Fortunately, there is absolutely no widely available history of women being hurt for refusing to consent. Whew. Bullet dodged!

+ By the way, I’ve seen Aziz Ansari in person and calling him slight would be an understatement. Just a note that a guy can be slight [. . .]
+ This is problem with how evo psych is used. Is gender at least partially socially constructed? Of course, no question at all about that. It [. . .]
+ PS I <3 the ELCA, for the record, and I'm mostly indifferent to the Missouri Synod other than thinking it odd and fascinating that they [. . .]
+ General notice regarding comments: The spam filter is on overdrive (mostly because it's been rightfully filtering out a lot of more-clever-than-usual giant spams). [. . .]
+ @chip-daniels Without the gendering, sure. (And I share your appreciation for the distillation.) With the gendering, well, *as filtered mostly by Victorian men*, that's the story. Again, [. . .]

The latest plan approved by California regulators has Diablo Canyon closing in 2024-2025 (as you say, to coincide w/ license experation)


Bio4 - You go to Ireland, you kiss the Blarney Stone. You go to Earth, you probe an earthling. It's just a thing.

+ @pillsy This. It's not that I disagree with the basic premise. It's that I went through 4 years of hearing otherwise sensible people [. . .]
Chip Daniels
+ Maybe men could consider not being entitled assholes? 3,000 years of recorded humanity, in one sentence. No seriously. Almost all of recorded mythology, religion, history and [. . .]

This is the best part of the movie.

Richard Hershberger

Maybe they were simply looking for an excuse.

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