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The Tomiknockers
Le Président de la France
Tax day: US tax code is fairer than people realize
Linky Friday: United Thermodynamics
Some Moments in the Life of the Consort of the Priestess of Bast
First Things: Anti-Christianity in France
A Guide to Properly Hating Old Movies
French Hovels, Slave Cabins, and the limits of Thomas Jefferson’s Eyes

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+ I don't think that's ad hom at all. My sense from reading Pillsy's comment was that ze was looking at the issue from within [. . .]

He's in deep for Trump but I think he's still "I lean libertarian but..."

+ @damon Why count "fees" as a tax? This isn't a gotcha question and I realize that sometimes politicians and the like use word games [. . .]


Where are marginal rates over 50%?


You're being very cool about that - thanks. I think it came out more prickly than I intended it.


Well, Trump's doing what he can to help LePen, so that's nice.

+ Instapundit linked it yesterday evening and many of his readers said it was the best linked article they’d read this year. Heh. Indeed. Seriously, I had [. . .]

His wife, who was his teacher in high school

Oh my God he's the French Newt Gingrich.

Anyway, shouldn't his name be "Mācrōn:?

+ Incarceration for not eating pork? They did that back in the 40s. At least the very few of them who weren't in the Resistance the [. . .]
+ I believe that it is in the interest of every participant at this site to eliminate all use of ad hominem** arguments against fellow participants. [. . .]

I just bought a bunch of expansions for SotMV, including Vengeance. That's going to be the game for family game night tonight.

+ I believe that it is in the interest of every participant at this site to eliminate all use of ad hominem** arguments against fellow participants. The [. . .]
+ Does Texas count as the West? I mean that in all seriousness. I've lived here all my life and we're not the West and we're not [. . .]

rage boner

Are you picking up insults from the play ground now or is this the new homoerotic kazzy?

+ KenB: *1 -- It's a little jarring to read on this heavily libertarian website people advocating for increased regulation of OTC non-scrip medication. The FDA, [. . .]
+ The Catholics I've talked to seem to hoe a broad line between accepting/admitting that the Church's Official View prohibits the use of contraceptives and accepting/admitting [. . .]

Fair enough. I mean, I obviously disagree on all three points, but they make sense.

+ I just don't want them to hurt. Because they can't tell us where it hurts, and we can't tell them why it's happening or [. . .]

Remember that time when people were saying that liberals were smug and you got all mad about it cool huh anyway gotta go bye

+ After the baptism of the Frankish king Clovis by bishop Rémi of Reims in 496 A.D. (considered the birth of the nation) Really? Here's a [. . .]
+ I won't pretend to speak for Marchmaine, but my reactions to your first comment were: * one doesn't have to be a fundamentalist Christian to express [. . .]
El Muneco

Re: Nintendo - nothing I saw during their period of ownership of the Mariners goes against this in any way.

El Muneco
+ My Oldest Surviving Friend and I are about halfway through co-op Shadow Warrior 2. Biggest frustration is that although all players get mission rewards, only [. . .]
+ Schrager and Witwer's The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care) goes right to the heart of your second paragraph. [. . .]
+ Yeah. My wife started a business and it didn't cost a whole lot up front, but it took a while for it to have a [. . .]
Brandon Berg

Why not?

Troublesome Frog
+ In my experience, the cost of launching a startup is less the actual cash required and more the amount of time you spend on zero [. . .]
Troublesome Frog
+ I think the concern isn't so much that there are people who disapprove of wine drinking for themselves so much as it is concern that [. . .]
+ Even podcasts! There’s just one problem: While Reed’s attempt at understanding and representing McElmore’s experience is admirable, choices in the framing, writing, and editing of the [. . .]
+ I found a link! Haven't read all of them, especially since I now want to go back and read some of the stories I haven't read [. . .]
+ I'd draw a distinction between types of skills. Some require formal training (with or without a credential) and some require less formal training. The latter [. . .]

Sounds like something a shill for big spinning around in circles would say.

+ I'm no scholar of religion, history, or religious history either, but I'm of the distinct impression that sentiments similar to what we call "anti-clericalism" have [. . .]
Doctor Jay
+ We just got the Vengeance expansion to Sentinels of the Multiverse. We pulled out a squeaker last night, achieving the win with two out of [. . .]
+ I guess there are two points here. First, Morat's point holds true, in my opinion, for Europe and America. Second, there's a lot we don't know about [. . .]
+ True, and the more active older voters are going to confound a lot of things, since they're more likely to be donors, both because they're [. . .]
+ Islam and Buddhism arejust as entwined with government as entwined with the state as Christianity was. They aren't really that more peaceful in those areas. [. . .]
Saul Degraw
+ @pillsy I suspect you are partially correct but older voters are more frequent voters and they dominate elections. One of the big problems for the [. . .]

I'm curious which part of my argument you think is wrong or overly tangential, but if you'd prefer to drop it that's fine by me.

+ Part of this is more contact with donors, and more focus on their interests. Republican donors tend to be further to the right of the [. . .]
+ I suspect if TJ ever had seen them, he would have found a way to justify his own racism even further. When visiting the French [. . .]
+ I think I agree with this. I also think we should distinguish between anti-clericalism and anti-religiosity/anti-Christianity. The two are probably related and seem to have [. . .]
+ I didn't read the entire article, but it seems like the author is arguing about Napoleon's motivation, not about whether official recognition is right or [. . .]

You are almost literally barking at squirrels. But barkers gonna' bark.



Just buy gift cards at the grocery store when you want a game.

Trust me. It's easier that way.

+ Nothing by his son suggests any sort of change (that I’ve seen). How is, "Making birth control easier to purchase is bad because it promotes [. . .]
+ I had a rather interesting conversation with my mother who, until about 2006ish, was a lifelong Republican. She referred to a number of the GOP [. . .]
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