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Linky Friday: Guns & Briefcases
The Gateway Pundit Presidency
The Hoover Hog: My “Open Letter” Concerning the Amazon Blacklist and Freedom of Speech
Will Dropping the LSAT Requirement Create More Miserable Lawyers?

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+ Good job on the weight loss! Keep it up my friend! I'm right there with you, trying to change my life to a more healthy, exercise-rich, [. . .]

Well, maybe these aren't the only measures of quality of life, but I'd certainly put them on my list of things to look for.

+ [L1] I heard of this on Planet Money and damnit, I've been a staunch defender of the Oxford comma ever since the whole "we can [. . .]
Joe Sal
+ The rifle work is on hold. I needed some era style brass wood screws to finish up. Riggs still wants to learn more on metal [. . .]
+ As you noted many journalists do not see themselves as hard hitting brave truth tellers but as upper middle class professionals that do journalism the [. . .]

B4: Wait, what, the 'gig economy' isn't about freedom and opportunity? But Silicon Valley told me...


There are always a few "good" x's in racist's eyes, whatever the x is.

Doctor Jay
+ So, you think it matters that he said, "He's not a formal member [of the Muslim Brotherhood] He's a sympathizer"? This is like the "people are [. . .]

The original article beat him to it.

Saul Degraw
+ Trump has always been associated with racism in one way or another since he entered the public eye in the early 1970s. His first media [. . .]

The wonders of the Internet never cease to amaze.

+ Good call on your coworker's part. I'm going to have to go in at some point to at least submit my time card as [. . .]
+ @fish stay safe. My coworker who lives in Glen Eagle attached a photo to her outage email - not that any of us would've [. . .]
Saul Degraw
+ Good call on putting "liberal news media" in quotes. I think this goes one of the things Tod said above. Our media, especially 24 hour news-media, [. . .]
+ I called in sick and got told that there was only one person who showed up at the office today and that was only because [. . .]
+ A similar consideration is behind the "why are desk computers so ugly?" I have seen (mostly created by "steampunk" enthusiasts) custom-job CPU/Monitor/keyboard configurations that are [. . .]
Oscar Gordon
+ There is also the fact that the classical styles of architecture often involve details & trim work that adds cost without adding much in the [. . .]
+ Dismiss him if you feel like it. The last three links you provided didn't support Tod's "similarly reported" points. “[H]e has similarly “reported” [. . .]
+ I'm just inside the blizzard area and I'm sure that my coworkers are looking at the hardly-any-snow-on-the-ground at work (I know because I've checked the [. . .]
+ Kazzy, this is a pattern that I have noticed when it comes to issues like this. Whenever someone makes the observation that many [. . .]
Road Scholar
+ No, JB, that isnt "the media". That's one guy on CNN. If it was "the media" or even "the left-wing media" I would have seen [. . .]

The answer is probably something to the effect of "because of the number of people who read it and then yelled 'I KNEW IT!'"

+ I wear progressives myself and I find I prefer to take them off for reading. (That might be part of my issue with reading on [. . .]

It gets better when we get ourselves another Mencken to fill in the void left behind by the return to yellow journalism.

I hope.

Doctor Jay
+ That last one has both coup and martial law. Here's a bonus one: “Look around in your house,” said Levin. “You can’t even decide what [. . .]
+ Ci2: I've only spent a few days in Vienna, but I did notice a lot of attractive women. Not a rarity in Europe, sure. [. . .]
Joe Sal
+ The right will never have good syndicate media. You only find a few individuals here and there that are good for awhile. Reporting and journalism [. . .]
Doctor Jay
+ For what it's worth, I don't think Trump is unable to distinguish. I think it's more that he doesn't care. If something works for him, [. . .]
+ "Shock jock" is a term rarely applied to political talk radio. I don't think it's a fair label for Mark Levin. This is [. . .]
Doctor Jay

I remember looking at that piece and wondering "why am I reading this?"

+ Those claims are, I presume: "Levin began to promote the theory that Obama wiretapped Trump, and he did so without any evidence, circumstantial or otherwise." [. . .]
+ How does it get better? It seems to me that'll have to start at the smallest level, newsrooms devoting themselves to doing respectable work. [. . .]
+ I'm not going to call Tod a leftist. And I have no idea if everything he said other than the stuff about Mark Levin [. . .]
+ If you have "real" media pushing crap like this, you should not be surprised when people choose crap that panders to their own priors than [. . .]
+ You're fine on the video card. The logic was that it would better enable you to play the games you have instead of yearning for [. . .]
+ Should they? Hell yes in my opinion. We have this third year of law school hanging around which in my opinion is not particularly necessary [. . .]
+ The traditional architecture that is now considered nice and is in expensive areas were run down and in slums during the 1960s and 1970s. Then [. . .]
Michael mckeaney
+ "If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth" -- Joseph Goebbels No matter how many times Levin is call a "conspiracy theorist", it [. . .]
+ The author notes that the happy-making architecture is largely in places that are unaffordable. Which raises the question of whether those locations are "nice" [. . .]

Mark Levin isn't a shock jock. I'd like to see links to the claims you made about him.

Reformed Republican
+ A video card is definitely not a video game, FWIW. Then again, sometimes they come bundled with games. If that was the case with the [. . .]
Richard Hershberger
+ It is interesting that it seems to be the kids who favor paper. I find that my aging eyes have trouble with paper books. [. . .]
+ I seem to think that nobody disagrees that YouTube is a private company and it can put whatever it wants behind a restricted content opt-in [. . .]
+ It's a tangent, but the gushing praise for that speech shows not only how incredibly low the bar is for Trump -- but the fact [. . .]
+ Ci1: Good question. I don't know the answer. I'm not sure that the traditional architecture that Ed West is talking about would make the typical [. . .]