Skipping The Summer Reading

This essay is about reading gay porn before class. And it resurrects an Ideological Outrage Of The Day from 2012. And a graphic novel. And striking out romantically. And Richard Dawkins.


The Ethics and Incentives of Socialized Law

Noam Scheiber makes a radical suggestion. Eric Posner has lots of reasons why it’ll never work. Burt Likko says, “There’s a few things neither of you bright fellows have thought of.”

Meanwhile, Our Children Continue Their Undaunted Assault on Mammon…

I have a piece up at the Atlantic called “What’s Really Behind the Ever-Rising Cost of Raising a Child in America“. You should go read (and comment) there. To summarize: the cost of raising a child has increased substantially since 1960, but almost all of this increase is in areas such as education and health…

“The biz ain’t what it used to be.”

(The above is a screenshot of the Atlantic’s homepage taken March 10th around 11:30PM. A recap of SNL skits sits next to an article about nuclear war and above a photo series depiciting international struggles against gender inequality.) The issue of freelancing for, well, free, and the economics surrounding journalism, writing, blogging and “content creation,”…