Like Jason Voorhees In That Last Scene

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the Religious Test Clause predictably collide with Obergefell v. Hodges in Eastern Kentucky.


Walker, Texas Lawsuit

What happens when a fraternal organization, dedicated to commemorating Confederate veterans of the U.S. Civil War, declares “all in” before the U.S. Supreme Court, in a case where there appear to be two directly controlling yet contradictory cases and the ideological alignments of the Justices are apparently inverted? Burt Likko breaks down today’s license plate case.


First Monday 2014

Same cast, brand new season! Burt Likko offers a look at some of the high points of the Supreme Court’s docket for the 2014-2015 Term.


2013-2014 Term Recap (Save Two)

It’s the close of the term, and here’s a recap of the major cases from SCOTUS this year. Some surprising results. Some, not so much. Alsotoo: we’re waiting until Monday for the Hobby Lobby and Harris decisions.

In My Opinion’s Wake

Burt Likko thinks that Citizens United and McCutcheon were correctly decided. But how can he square that conclusion with his recent Ordinary Court opinion?

Come Pop My Bubble

When I read this article by Mark Adomanis in Forbes online, I find myself a bit confused. Adomanis mantains that there is a significant strain of American conservatism that looks at l’affaire d’Pussy Riot in Russia and doesn’t get past the fact that the underlying offense occurred in a church. For that reason, while Vladimir Putin and the…

Shame On Russia

Three of the members of Russian punk rock collective Pussy Riot have been found guilty of “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred” and sentenced to two years of labor in a corrective institution, with credit for five months time already served. Judge Marina Syrova called their offence a “serious crime.” “It is simply idiocy,” said a…

Stop Censorship, Stop ACTA

I have a primer up at Forbes on a little known trade agreement, ACTA, which does all the bad stuff that SOPA threatened to do, only worse. Masked as an anti-counterfeiting treaty, ACTA threatens freedom of speech online and sets up elaborate and invasive means of clamping down on file sharing, generic drugs, and reinforcing…