In Defense of Poetry

Old poetry is laden with the baggage of centuries of hidden metaphor and archaic references. New poetry is prone to abstraction and whimsical laziness. But poetry deserves our consideration as an art form nonetheless. After all, all the music we love is poetry, and all the fun little things we can do with language are best done in poetic form.


The Highest Profile Legal Writing Clinic Ever

The legal writing in Obergefell v. Hodges is both a model and a caution for future writers, especially those who, like lawyers, would write to persuade.

For The Cold Case Files

Does the Fourth Amendment allow law enforcement to gather an arrestee’s genetic sequence and compare it with a large FBI database of genetic material gathered from old, unsolved crimes? [Continued at NaPP]

11 Ways to Hedge Your Claims Like an Academic—AND What Each Says About You

1. “In sum” What It Says About You: “Things are so slipshod in this piece that you wouldn’t notice the summary unless I signposted it.” 2. “Thus” What It Says About You: “In case you hadn’t noticed, this sentence is preceded by another sentence.” 3. “As a result” What It Says About You: See #2. 4. “Indeed” What It Says About…

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