The world longs for Times more Ordinary

Pillbillies 31

Team Pillbillies, FTW

I was wrong. I thought I’d heard every West Virginia joke there is. But then the drug companies decided to make bank off the “pillbillies”.

infation 43

O Inflation, Where Art Thou?

Queue panic, articles and televised pundits loudly banging the inflation worries drum. However, there are reasons to not worry (right now)

Tucker Carlson 60

Is Tucker Carlson The Next Trump?

The idea that Tucker Carlson could win the fanatical devotion that characterizes many Trump supporters is ludicrous

Elise Stefanik 32

The Last Temptation of Elise Stefanik

Elise Stefanik’s rise is a study in character, or lack thereof. And that is the question: Did she become compromised or is this who she was?


Castor Oil

A pill or two won’t do him any harm.